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I Think Bran Has Killed Rory

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    So here I am at work, its 7.36, and the phone goes, my phone never rings at this hour unless it is an emergency, its Sian, there is no hello, no greeting, calm but urgent, you better come home, I think Bran has killed Rory, run to the car, drove home like a madman, which is not easy in a 1.6 Nissan, but it did me proud, there were no details, and I knew Sian would probably be doing everything possible to save the situation so calling back was not an option, figured if I got pulled up by a police car just to keep going till I got home, luckily, skidded to a halt 5 mins later, not quite sure what to expect, opened the door, greeted by Bran, he looked ok, although his mouth was bloody, in the living room, Sian is on the floor, no tears, no hysterics, she is giving mouth to mouth to Rory, and rubbing his chest, he is slowly coming round, her mouth, her clothes and the carpet are covered in blood, I take over the chest as Rory starts to come back to life, there is no time for questions, we both will Rory back to life, and slowly, he starts to breathe again, after a few minutes, he gets up and has a drink of water, and we look at each other, I hold her, tightly to me, what happened, Sian is calm, and tells me, Bran was screaming, so she came downstairs to find Brans jaw trapped in Rorys collar, which had then twisted several times cutting Brans gum and strangling Rory, who was lying on the floor, motionless with his eyes open and his tongue out, it took her an eternity to get the collar off, I noticed her fingers were cut, she eventually cut it off with a knife and then started mouth to mouth and chest compressions, we just sit in the living room in silence cuddling the dogs, all the blood has come from Brans gum, within 20 mins both dogs seems back to normal, I make a vets appt just to be safe, my wife is a hero
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