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ਨਾਮ ਤੇਰੇ ਕੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਲਗਾਈ (Previously namjap)
Reflecting back on some older comments by members is not only refreshing but also provides amusing moments especially when it is said in a way which can make you laugh.

The following comment candidly made by Gyani Jarnail Singh
Thread Name: Why Not Halal Meat?
"EH Karrahii wich daal nahin wich sooree da mass baniya see"... THIS POT cannot be used for cooking it Earlier....was used to cook PORK !! DAAL also comes under Hallal rules by hook or by crook !!! So now the POT is also "contaminated" and un-hallal *Haram !! There are many SIKH PURISTS as well...they wont allow GURDWARA BHANDEH to be used to cook "chickens"...why ?? Bhandeh bhitteh jannegeh ji !! So among SIKHS too the inanimate object like a POT can be "impure"..bhittiah hoyah !!! we are no better !!


I've been told off and disciplined for doing that very thing!!
Using a Gurdwara bhandah for storing a meat dish.
I have also been disciplined for giving ''gummy bears'' to kids in the langar hall at a friends langar.
I was informed -''they are not allowed, because of the gelatin!!''

I didn't even have the guts to say that most of your medicines contain gelatin.- I was too ashamed of my gross misconduct!!

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Khalsa sooi jo nit kareh a candid description of the Khalsa...but the word Jaang has been misinterpreted as WAR/Battle/Skirmish etc...when its NOT solely that. Jaang is a DAILY BATTLE..for TRUTH, Principles, Ethics, Standing up for whats RIGHT, Discipline etc etc.

So in actual practise a Khalsa can never sit back or rest on his laurels...each time he finds a wrong..he rights it...its a "misdemeanor" to watch a wrong from the nothing..avoid it..look away....TRUTH is HIGH..but HIGHER STILL is TRUTHFUL LIVING...and that means LIVING TRUTHFULLY !! Pointing out whats right...saying your piece..standing up for what you know is RIGHT..are all part and parcel of Truthful Living...Silence is NOT "golden" in Gurmatt...esp when such silence leads to wrongs being perpetuated..THIS is whats wrong with Sikhs TODAY..Most keep quiet, ignore, stay silent, do their own thing, etc etc...when you ask them..Did you know that is wrong..answer will be YES..but i didnt want to hurt his feelings..i dont want his shardha broken...i this and i that...Let the GURU handle that..its between the Guru and him..blah blah blah...which means that WRONGS keep on being repeated..repeatedly..and others think that since its being done by so many and so must be RIGHT ?? Such huge crowds..doesnt mean a thing..GURMATT is NOT about CROWDS..multitudes..its about COMMITMENT...solid truthful living by the Gurus Commands...GURU MATT...not Manmatt. So just because a million people are drinking water used to wash feet..doesnt make it any holier, any righter..any good..any still remains Manmatt and Gross. A MILLION people may be struggling up hilly slopes to worship at doesnt change what the GURU SAYS about THIS LIFE vs That supposedly previous life ?? Guru says SANGAT is IF None of the Sangat has an INKLING about our Previous can we accept the GURU supposedly talking about His previous life ??..ESP when the entire SGGS is stressing about THIS MANUKHA JANAM being precious and invaluable beyond description....and DIRECT WITNESSED HISTORICAL FACTS that a "PREVIOUS LIFE" even on this world is NOT ACCEPTABLE factor in the Guru-Sikh equation...what BHAI LEHNA JI did for 30 YEARS before he became GURU ANGAD is WORTHLESS...what Bhai Amardass Ji did for 60 YEARS before becoming GURU Amardass is WORTHLESS....hwat "value" has an IMAGINARY mythological tale of someone doing meditation in cold mountain tops ON THIS EARTH BUT for MILLIONS of YEARS ??? Esp when this Tale has led to THREE Hemkunts being allegedly discovered and REJECTED ..rejection and acceptance based on the same poetry ...Who decides what is right ??
NONE of the Previous NINE GURUS..including the FOUNTAIN HEAD founder Guru nanak ji says a SINGLE WORD about "previous" lifes, meditations etc in the AUTHENTICATED SGGS ?? IN Fact their PRESENT lives also DONT MATTER until they become what has previous unauthenticated lives got to do with Gurmatt ?? but millions keep on struggling up slippery slopes in the cold..minting money for the TRAVEL AGENTS and others involved...
Tomorrow a few Sikhs may begin going up Naina Devi because BHAI LEHNNA JI used to do that for almost 40 YEARS...or going to hardwaar Benares because Bhai Amardass ji did that for 60 YEARS ?? Its a FACT that such "visits" are already in the Planning Stage...its raining in the mountain tops..soon it will become a deluge..on the Hemkunt...and then people will point at the crowds...and we will be at Square ONE !! A few DECADES ago none even knew about was discovered at 3 different places..finally settling on the present one...Ha Ha.
Same HA HA about contaminated Utensils..Contaminated PERSONS - YES people also can be "contaminated or purified".....Hands must be Washed and Clean..JHOOTH...BUT the TONGUE is forever JHOOTH..contaminated...but its the TONGUE that VOICES GURBANI that can become "contaminated" by hands that have been used to FEED the MOUTH !! Talk about SECONDARY contamination being worse than PRIMARY CONTAMINATION !! HA HA Double HA HA...GURBANI talks about MENTAL CONTAMINATION..INSIDE CONTAMINATION...but Sikhs are more concerned with PHYSICAL contamination..dirt etc..simply because thats EASY to see..Ha a Spiritually FIT Mazhbi Sikh gets the BOOT..while a Physically Fit Jatt gets to be President..gets to serve the degh..the langgar...why ?? because as jatt he is cleaner..higher caste..purer than the lowly mazhbi ??..even if the mazhbi only has mineral water in his tummy and the jatt is filled with Scotch !!..the jatt is pure !! comparatively Ha Ha ha....or even if the mazhbi has a three foot beard/dastaar.kakaars and the Jatt has ".01mm" stubble...and even a karra is "allergic" to his wrist...H aHaha...

Will stop LAUGHING Laughter may be good for health but not too much..yeah...falling off ones chair can be injurious to ones health too...


It is indeed good to have a laugh.
I think the next time that I'm in such a dilemna, instead of feeling sorry for upsetting someone's blind idea or belief, -I think I will just say sorry because they feel that way but in reality I will be laughing inside....Ha Ha Ha...
I can't see why I should feel negative if I really believe I have no reason to.

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