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I Did It, I Am Finally A Husband And A Father

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    ts getting late here, nearly 9pm, 14 hours since I got here, a short day, its been busy, I am tired, Sian has taken to visiting me here and keeping me company for an hour or two just so we get to see each other, the second wind I expected has not happened, and I should really go home now, however, it is possible that a playing of simple minds, live in the city of light might save the day, together with a big bar of chocolate and a cold lucozade, it seems to have done the trick, I am a bit more awake, I have spent most of the day testing laptops, buying laptops and installing laptops, people keep coming in for a chat, which slows me down, but some bring chocolate which is good.

    I spoke to my stepson, he works for me, a local car dealer, and is trying to get a third job, every penny he makes he gives me to save for him, although he is not stupid, he realises given how tight things are it does not actually exist in a bank account, but so far he has saved up £1000, it is the sort of thing my parents had always wanted me to do, but I never did, it makes you kind of proud, I have just rang him, to see if he got the third job, which is sunday and Monday, so he will be working 7 days a week, I wonder sometimes if he is trying to prove he is as hard working as his stepdad, if he is, it just makes me even prouder, if it is possible I could be prouder, good humoured, intelligent, good looking, tall, with big brown eyes, I love him like no one I have ever loved before, in a way I cannot describe, I guess it is what is called fatherly love,

    me: hey tom its harry, did you get the job
    tom: yeah yeah I forgot to tell you, I got the job
    me: brilliant well done son, have you told your mother
    tom: told my mother? I have not even told you yet

    I think he meant because he sees me every day, I am not sure, but when he said it, well it made it all worthwhile, all the long hours, the 7 days, the lack of any actual life, that and my wife rubbing my back while I fall asleep when I get in whilst dan licks my nose, does it get any better than that..

    My parents come back in a few weeks, now I have to sort out being a good son and brother, and then, with the money nearly sorted out, I feel some sort of contentment approaching
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