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Controversial I-Day Eve Terror Alert Makes Cops Mount Tight Vigil


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
NEW DELHI: On the eve of Independence Day, the city went on high alert after Bangalore Police unearthed a plot by Pakistan’s ISI to carry out terror attacks in the country with the help of Maoists. The plan came to light with the arrest of two persons in the Karnataka capital on Thursday.

Earlier in July, about dozen members of Pakistan-based militant groups Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and Khalistan Commando Force (KCF) — arrested by Punjab police with explosives — had confessed that the ISI was engaging Sikh militants to carry out terror attacks in the capital. Sources claimed that the militants revealed during their interrogation that they had undergone training at camps in Pakistan and had set up base in Malaysia where they were being helped by ISI agents. “The Pak-based terror groups are trying to revive Sikh militancy for the past few years. They are pressuring Sikh militant organizations to carry out strikes in India, particularly in Delhi ahead of the Commonwealth Games,” said a senior police officer.

According to intelligence agencies, the heads of a dozen Sikh militant organisations, including BKIchief Wadhwa Singh, are hiding in Pakistan. Reports that the insurgent groups are trying to disrupt the Games have been corroborated by US intelligence agencies. The agencies said they have ‘‘credible evidence’’ that terrorists are planning terror attacks at places frequented by US citizens in India, Pakistan and Middle East and asked them to be alert.

The US state department on Thursday said it continues to receive information that terrorist groups in South and Central Asia, including India and Pakistan, may be planning attacks in the region, possibly against US government facilities, citizens or its interests.

The Delhi Police special cell said it has received reports that terrorists may try to disrupt the CWG. ‘‘We are carrying out security drills for Independence Day which will help during CWG. We have launched a manhunt for ISI agents, whose names cropped up during interrogations of arrested militants in the past,” said an officer.

For Independence Day, the police have put in place an elaborate security system in the capital, especially near Red Fort from where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, will unfurl the tri-colour and address the nation. Security agencies have zeroed in on ‘safety houses’ where the prime minister and other dignitaries can be taken in case of a terror strike.

Around 60 CCTVs have been installed in and around Red Fort. Sharpshooters of the NSG will be stationed on the rooftops of high-rises near the 17th century Mughal monument.

Vigil is also being maintained at key installations like Parliament complex, IGI airport, railway stations, inter-state bus terminals and metro stations. Specialized units like Quick Reaction Teams, SWAT and Vajra are being deployed to these places.

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