India I Applaud Action Against Ramdev: Khushwant Singh

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I applaud action against Ramdev
Khushwant Singh


BABA Ramdev, who has hogged front-page news in all our papers as well as top headlines of our TV channels, is a man of very modest learning. He was also a man of limited means till he moved from Haryana to Hardwar. Within a few years, he became a crorepati and a political leader. Since nationwide corruption was uppermost in the minds of Indians, he chose to spearhead the movement to eradicate it.

Fortunately for him, the BJP leadership, which has run out of new ideas, decided to exploit his popularity and backed him. His following was entirely Hindu. No Muslim, Christian or Sikh bothered to join him. He was planning to make a grand opening move at Ramlila Grounds. People joined him in thousands. The government sensed that if it allowed him to get his way, it could cause a serious law and order problem. So the Delhi Police made a pre-emptive strike by picking him up, flying him back and dumping him in Hardwar. I applaud the action taken against him. BJP leader L.K. Advani’s plan to utilise him to his party’s benefit misfired. His comparing the midnight hijacking of this "mischief-maker" to the tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh shows how little he knows about history.


The BJP’s plan to utilise the rising popularity of
Baba Ramdev to the party’s benefit misfired

In Jallianwala Bagh, General Dyer had his platoon of Gurkhas open fire on the assemblage in which more than 300 people lost their lives. Even the enquiry commission set up by the British Government censured Dyer. He died a very guilt-ridden man.

In the operation carried out by the Delhi Police, there was not a single casualty. It only concludes that Advani made his irresponsible statement out of a sense of deep frustration.



Even at the age of 96 Khushwant Singh is one best chamcha of Nehru Gandhi Family

At 4:50am, Ramdev came on the dais accompanied by saffron-clad monks and he was joined by radical Sangh Parivar leader Sadhvi Ritambhara and Muslim and Sikh religious leaders. Ramdev said support from politicians is welcome but they cannot make
give speeches. "They can support us but they cannot make speeches because it leads to
controversy," he said.
No matter who is supporting Ramdev,but Ramdev's issue is right one and needs attention. And khushwant Singh is a Traitor who made Sikh Jokes famous in India.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
I am no fan of Khuswant...
1. He did return the honours medals etc immediately to GOI for attacking the Akal takhat in 1984...that is MUCH MORE than the Badals and the Makkars and all those. (Even Capt Amarinder of the Congress returned his Medals in disgust..that is to his credit.)

2. This is in relation to the Ramdev fraud....and nothing to do with sikh jokes et al...

3. Baba ramdev is very SELECTIVE..he saw nothing in 1984...he didnt see harmandar shaib akal takhat being demolished..he didnt see thousands of sikhs with burning tyres around their necks in Delhi and other Major towns of India...he didnt see Badal's POLICE violently beating women and children in Punjab, unemployed teachers, kindergarten teachers, studnets, women being dragged by jathedars of badal/BJP..but he saw a small "attack" on his stage...from which he ran away dressed in woemn clothings.
All this while I thought he ahd a small defect in his eye...i didnt know he is totally BLIND...and only "sees" what Advani sees, what badal sees, what Modi sees...he sees BORROWED IMAGES...a FRAUD thorugh and through f i ever saw one...a So called YOGA MASTER who cant stand 2 days without FOOD..when I have heard him say YOGIS can live on AIR for CENTURIES !!...and What a LOW THRESHOLD OF PAIN...any woman giivng birth can stand more pain than HIM !!..He should spend a DAY with Prof Bhullar in Tihar jail....and see how strong his YOGA is....


Ramdev was only toeing the line of Anna hazare,no need to bring RSS,BJP etc in it.He was fighting for good cause to bring black money back ,there is no justificatation of attacking unarmed men and women at Night.

Ramdev may be good or bad but his cause was good .almost every person I talked said that we support his cause .Anyway Mr. Khushwant Singh has already seen the hidden talent in Rahul Gandhi which no other has seen and he even said that Rahul has more potential that Rajiv.Also Mr.Khushwant Singh has several times bailed out Rajiv Gandhi for 1984 riots while attacking modi for 2002 ,this clearly show where his loyalty is