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Hymns Of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji,


Hymns of Guru Tegh Bahadur - Songs of Nirvana

Translation and commentary by Trilochan Singh..Posted by Balvinder Singh..Sikhnet

The vision of God

ram naam ur mai gaheo ja kai sam nahi koe SGGS Page 1429 Shloka

The Name of the Lord, Ever burns in my heart, There is nothing like it in the world; By meditating on him, Pain and sorrow depart, And man sees the vision of God.

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The bubble on the water of life

jaise jal te budbuda upjai binsai nit SGGS Page 1427 Shloka

Hearken to this truth, my friend, says Nanak: The material world, God makes and unmakes, Just as the bubble that rises and melts away, On the surface of moving waters of Creation.

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Why do you behave like a maniac

man re kahan bheo tain baura SGGS Page 1426 Shloka

O man, why do you behave like a maniac? Day and night your life is curtailed, With greed you have ruined yourself: Refrain. The body which you call your own, And the beautiful wife which adorns your home; None of them is yours, none will last; Think and reflect over it seriously.
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tan dhan jeh to ko dio ta sion neh na kin SGGS Page 1426 Shloka

Thou didst not love, The Lord, that gave thee, Human body and riches. Why says Nanak, O senseless Man, You falter and fall helplessly.

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Take refuge in the Lord.

nar acet pap te dar re SGGS Page 220 Raga Gaudi

O ignorant man, Fear all sins and wicked deeds, Take refuge at the feet of the gracious Lord, Who is compassionate to the humble and meek, And is the destroyer of all fear. Refrain Remember the Lord in your heart, Whose glory is sung by scriptures and lore, The Lord's name is the most sacred thing; Ever contemplate the holy Word, And purge yourself of evil and sin.1 This human body you may not get again, Make some effort to attain liberation. Sayeth Nanak, sing the praise of the Merciful, And cross the fearsome ocean of life, To meet the Eternal on the other side.2

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The Supreme Giver

jagat bhikhari phirat hai sab ko data ram SGGS Page 1428 Shlokas

The whole world is supplicant at his door, God alone is the Supreme Giver. Says Nanak: ever contemplate the Lord, my soul, All thy works will bear fruit.

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Caught in the net of greed

Karno huto su na kio pario lobh ke phand SGGS Page 1428 Shloka

What was expected of you, You have never done, You are caught in the net of greed: O blind of mind and heart, What availeth now to weep, When precious time has been wasted and lost.

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Death will knock at your door

man kahan bisario ram naam SGGS Page 1186 Raga Basant

Why O mind have you forgotten the Name of God, Death will knock at your door, And thy body will be no more. Refrain This world is a mountain of smoke, What made you think it is true and lasting.1 Know that wealth, wife, mansions and riches. None will accompany thee beyond death.2 The love of the Lord alone will abide by thee. Says Nanak: Adore God with singleminded devotion.3

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[Martyrdom Day: in November or December ]

  • [*]Guru Tegh Bahadur was the Ninth Spiritual Master of the Sikhs, and the father of Guru Gobind Singh.
    [*]In year 1675, He sacrificed his life so that, other people could practice their religion without any fear.
    [*]Gurudwara Sees Ganj (Dehli, India) is now at this place of His sacrifice.
Guruji’s message:​

  • [*]Protect the weak and helpless.
    [*]Spiritual power breaks all bondages.
    [*]Frighten none; fear none.