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Husband Fakes Car Crash To Kill Wife

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Archived_Member16, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Husband fakes car crash to kill wife
    Thu, July 05 2007

    By Mata Press Service

    He had an affair.
    She found out.

    He wanted her university educated sister to marry his illiterate nephew.
    She refused.

    So he took his wife to India and arranged for her murder.

    That’s the accusation by police in Moga, Punjab who have arrested and charged a Canadian for hiring a contract killer to murder his wife.

    Moga Senior Superintendent of Police Devinder Singh Garcha identified the suspect as Canadian Jagtar Singh Mallhi, 32 from Calgary.

    He was arrested while on a bus to Delhi to catch a flight to Toronto.
    His wife was 26-year-old Kiranpal Kaur from Chuga Kalan village in Punjab.
    The couple has a three-year-old daughter.

    Also accused in the murder plot were Jagtar’s brothers Jagdish Singh, who resides in Canada, and Malkit Singh, nephew Davinder Singh and brother-in-law Sukha Singh.

    Their hometowns were not released.

    Jagtar’s family has denied any role in the murder.

    Kiranpal Kaur’s parents Shamsher Singh, a farmer and mother, Balbir Kaur told the South Asian Post in an interview that the conspiracy to kill their daughter was hatched in Canada.

    They claim a Canadian politician is helping the family of the accused.
    The couple’s other daughter Jaspal Kaur, said her sister was constantly beaten and thrown out of the family home in Canada.

    “My sister was thrown out of her house in the chilly winter when the snow was falling…she was constantly beaten and they had threatened take her daughter away and send her to India,” said Jaspal.

    “In the last few months, everything changed and the in-laws became very sweet to Kiranpal….Her husband brought her to India

    “This was all part of the plan to bring her to India and kill her”.
    Jaspal said there was a lot of pressure on her to marry a nephew of the accused, Jagtar Singh.

    "I hold two post graduate degrees in English and Computers. I am now doing a third degree in Information Technology,” she said.

    “The suggested groom was illiterate, I think. How could I have agreed."
    Her refusal led to Kiranpal Kaur being beaten at her home in Canada and thrown out of the house.

    To save her sister from further torment, Jaspal agreed to the wedding.
    "But my father stamped down his foot. He said when his first daughter was suffering after marrying in the family of the accused, how can I hope for the happiness for my second daughter."

    Police said Jagtar Singh and his wife Kiranpal Kaur arrived in India nearly a month ago from Canada.

    They stayed at Chuga Kalan village where the murder conspiracy was allegedly finalized.

    Garcha said Kiranpal had confronted her husband about an affair he was allegedly having in Canada.

    He said Jagtar Singh was helped in the murder plan by his relatives, already irked by Kiranpal Kaur's refusal to get her newly graduated younger sister married to her husband's illiterate nephew.

    Police accused the family of striking a deal with contract killer Gurcharan Singh alias Channi for 200,000 rupees (about C$5,200).

    Channi was given an initial payment of 50,000 rupees (about C$1,300). The contract killer is on the run.

    In court documents, police allege that on the night of June 26, Jagtar Singh asked his wife to drive the family car to an area called Lohara Chowk.
    Channi, the hired killer who was waiting by the road signaled for the car to be stopped.

    Kiranpal Kaur was dragged out of the vehicle and attacked with sharp-edged weapon.

    Her body was then placed back in the driver’s seat.

    Jagtar, police said, had blood on him but showed no injuries.

    The next morning, a Highways Police patrol found Jagtar Singh along with his wife lying inside a vehicle parked near Lohara Chowk on the Moga-Jalandhar road. Jagtar Singh, was rushed to the local civil hospital where he claimed that his wife died when a truck hit their vehicle from behind.

    A forensic examination found the wounds on Kiranpal Kaur were not consistent with accident related injuries.

    Investigators then pieced together the plan to kill Kiranpal Kaur.

    Jagtar Singh, on hearing police were closing in on him, fled the hospital but was caught on a bus heading to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport.

    Police have arrested and charged six people in connection with the case so far.
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