India Humiliated In Reality Show Youth Commits Suicide



Jhansi, Nov 12: Unable to bear the humiliation meted out to him on the reality TV show 'Rakhi Ka Insaaf', hosted by Rakhi Sawant, a 25-year-old has committed suicide.

According to the family of the deceased, Laxman went into a state of depression after participating in the reality show. The youngster, who was humiliated and called names by the anchor in the programme aired on Oct 23, reportedly stopped eating due to the mental turmoil he was undergoing, subsequently leading to his death.

Laxamn, who was admitted to Jhansi Medical College hospital on Nov 9, died on Thursday, Nov 11.

"Laxman was suffering from depression ever since he was humiliated at reality TV show Rakhi Ka Insaaf, hosted by drama queen Rakhi Sawant following which he was admitted to Jhansi Medical College hospital on November 9. Unable to bear the ignominy, he stopped taking his food and eventually died yesterday," said Laxman's uncle, Balbir.

"Ever since he was humiliated and called names by the anchor in the programme aired on October 23, he had become an object of rebuke. This had caused him mental agony and he stopped taking food," added Balbir, who also participated in the show.

"We had gone to the programme hoping that it would help resolve Laxman's marital problems with Anita, whom he had married on February 19 this year. However, instead of finding a solution, unfounded charges were levelled against us by Rakhi who also branded Laxman as impotent," the uncle said.

The family is yet to file a police case, but is planning on taking legal action.

Reality Shows, Suicide, Deaths

Over the years as reality shows grew in popularity, many incidents of these programmes leading to suicides also surfaced.

In Sep 2009, a 32-year-old woman committed suicide after watching an actress participate in a television reality show 'Sach Ka Saamna'.

The woman hung herself from the ceiling after watching actress Roopa Ganguly spill the beans on the Indian version of 'Moment of Truth'. According to the police, Pallavi felt her life was similar to Roopa's in many ways and that she had failed as a daughter, wife and mother, leading her into taking the extreme step.

In Jan 2010, media report of a 11-year old Mumbai girl, who was a participant of a dance reality TV show - 'Boogie Woogie', committing suicide emerged.

The distressing phenomenon is not limited only to the Indian sub-continent. As recent as Nov 8, reports of a one-time contestant on 'The Bachelorette' reality TV show committing suicide off a highway in Southern California, US, emerged. In his suicide note to his parents, he explained that he was suffering from depression and felt suicide was the only way out.


These are people of Film world, media world who talk big on freedom and liberation in society, Yet for the sake of money they don't even care whether a person lives or die

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