USA Human Smugglers Exploited Females

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    Human smugglers exploited females

    15 in ring charged; authorities seek fugitive and girl

    PAUL SHUKOVSKY AND BRAD WONG, Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Copyright 2012 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rights reserved.


    Fugitive Harchand Singh is believed to be traveling
    with a 17-year-old girl smuggled into the U.S.
    Tips on his whereabouts can be called in to
    immigration agents at 1-866-DHS-2ICE. / SL

    A smuggling ring that brought illegal immigrants from India across the U.S.-Canada border and into Seattle sexually abused some of their female clients, federal agents and prosecutors said Wednesday.

    At least 15 people have been indicted so far on smuggling and conspiracy charges in two related cases, involving the passage of dozens of immigrants across the border into Eastern Washington and through Seattle, en route to other U.S. cities.

    In court proceedings and filings, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisca Borichewski said five female immigrants had been raped or sexually abused by members of the ring last month while they were at a house and a hotel in Kent.

    Immediately following the Wednesday detention hearing for two alleged smugglers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials asked the public for help in finding a fugitive former Sikh priest -- Harchand Singh. Singh is accused of being a member of the ring and thought to be traveling with one of the illegal immigrants -- a 17-year-old girl.

    "We are very concerned about the safety and well-being of the young woman, who is under the age of 18, who does not speak English and was smuggled into the United States," said ICE Deputy Special Agent in Charge Mike McCool.

    "They (the smugglers) exploit them financially; they exploit them physically;, they exploit them emotionally."

    A court document paints a stark picture: "Female 1 stated that another unknown male, later identified as Harchand Singh, took her from the house and drove her to an unknown hotel. ... Singh took her to a room in the hotel and vaginally raped her, and told her if she told anyone what happened that he would rape her again and kill her."

    Singh then drove her to a house where three other female immigrants where waiting, according to the document. After they learned of the rape, they fled the house and called police, authorities said.

    From 2001 to 2003, Singh served as an assistant priest at a Sikh temple in Renton, Gurudwara Singh Sabha of Washington.

    Temple president Harinderpaul Singh Bains said Harchand Singh was fired about three years ago for disciplinary reasons.

    "He was not doing what he was supposed to do," Bains said. "We were not satisfied with his job."

    The Sikh religion, he added, teaches people to be honest and loyal. "He was not one of those people," he said, declining to be provide further details.

    Bains said the federal allegations came as a shock. "I'm stunned; I'm just stunned. Our people -- I think most of us are hardworking and law-abiding citizens."

    The women who reported the abuse were taken to a shelter and have been granted immunity from prosecution. They can apply for asylum or other legal status in the United States, said Borichewski and McCool.

    Borichewski said the women had been in touch with their families in India, some of whom have been threatened by people believed to be connected with the smuggling ring.

    McCool called Seattle "one of the major hubs" in the United States for the transport of smuggled aliens.

    source: ( edition of August 25 2012 )[/B] [/COLOR]
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    its the most unforgiving activity happening since ages.... be it Africans to US or Arabians to Europe or now can say Europe to Arabian ...

    It should be condemned & strict laws must be imposed thru out the world & atleast all countries must unite to stop it ...
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    What Kind of DUMB Parents Send their Young, Under-age Daughters to the New World w/ No One to Care for them? How Stupid. But I've Seen this happen, I know a Girl, who otherwise totally sweet has to work in a position where she has to deal w/ Creepy men, serve Alchohol/Meat, & She's Vegetarian herself. You can tell how Frusturated she is... Luckily, I have her Number, & If anyone does anything, Ima Be There. Lol.
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