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How To Tie A Patka And Turban - Converted Sikh



I have been growing my hair and it is at the stage where I am ready to wear a patka and turban.

I bought mine online and my patka has strings on the corners,

I have researched online and though there are numerous video tutorials on turban tying there are no relevant ones on patkas.

I was relieved when I found Sherab's posts on this forum how to tie a patka but sadly those videos have been removed.

Also for a young modern sikh, which turban style should he go with?

I would prefer it tight and compact. Any recommendations?


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Learn How To Tie Different Sikh Turbans | SikhNet

See the videos toward the bottom of the page. :happykaur:

As I look at these videos here and posts to follow, the one that is probably going to work with a patka with strings is the patka/keski video on this page. Called Boys House Turban (patka/keski #1). But can't tell without seeing it.
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This specifically is about tying patka on YouTube

YouTube - Dastar Patka

This is the video I used to initially get started but towards the end I'm having trouble as I have a 2 ft x 2ft square patka with string attached at the corners. And the patka in the video is much longer and is easily pulled over the head. my patka doesn't allow me to follow his moves.

I would like to wear a turban with patka underneath as it feels more secure.

There is another video on sikhifm on how to tie a patka also without strings.

Why have they made patkas with strings if the patkas without strings like seen in the video are sufficient? Are there any advantages?


1947-2014 (Archived)
I don't know where you live but if you live near a city with a large Indian population you might try this. Go to a clothing store - it may look like only women's kurtas, etc. are sold there. But in many of these stores there is a section where they sell turban cloth. They may get the right kind of fabric to you. And I have found that small retail shops in Indian neighborhoods will be able to direct you to the right store if they don't have it.

Do not tell me where you live out here in the forum. If you want me to help you locate something, send me a private message.

With a different fabric you might be able to follow the Sikhnet video without any problems.