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How To Spiritualize “Karma”


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Good read, singhbj!

You know why? Karma is where we are spending our lives on earth. The idea of moving it in a different direction is a gift of new knowledge. ;)


Feb 25, 2008
My special thanks to Singhbj to bringing this article to SPN. I am commenting on it in prospect of Guru Message, I have not and I do not intend to criticize the author in any mean, so please be cool. Let’s ponder over what the author says in his conclusion.
1. Seek earnestly divine assistance and divine direction at every step of your life, so you will be strong enough to be true to yourself in order to practice Guru’s teachings faithfully;
2. Seek divine inner and outer strength, so you will be brave enough to be strong enough to be true to yourself and commit to follow Guru’s message completely;
How will you do that? I mean to find Divine strength within or outside, seekers need elaboration; however Gurbani suggest that” Hukm rajaaee chalna(Japji)” first by understanding Hukm” ( Puuri-1) and in Pouri-2 Hukam is defined in prospect of His creation) where as Guru ji states” just believe “every one is in His Ordinance, do not involve in foolish analysis like why is this why is that” because, it inflame ego that takes our souls away from Him. People came and tried to explain His infinity but couldn’t( Pouri 3) why waste time on this, check on our reaction triggered by ego, anger, greed and lust, Guru ji keeps giving examples after examples to stay home instead of getting into foolish conclusions about Him and the world. So take divine guidance from Gurbani
3. Seek divine wisdom, so you will be wise enough to be brave enough to be true to yourself, and thus be able to shape your own destiny (future) through truthful living under divine guidance. It is only then that the divine grace will spontaneously flow into every part of your body to elevate you to Eternal Bliss and Eternal Peace;

Guru ji says to the seeker not be in illusion that His grace will be guaranteed as stated by the author, no its not guarantee as per Gurbani, this is also called understanding His Ordinance, leave the grace on His hands. Battling within is pure act of preparation to be worthy of Him. Living under divine guidance ( Gurbani) would keep the unruly mind on a track. So please be aware in the beginning, listen to Guru who says His grace is in His hands, with His grace True Guru is met, with His grace Eternal bliss occurs not what author says.
4. Sustain an unwavering faith in God. Faith is more than just intellectual belief. It is surrendering your self completely to God’s way over your own way. True faith, therefore, involves not just giving lip service but using your heart, your abilities, your talents, and your life in selfless service to God and His people with utmost humility. True faith, then, also requires that your deeds be acts of love, service, compassion, care and concern for all the people of the world, and not just chosen few. Let truth, and only truth, guide and direct your life;
Very well said. How this faith in Him is created, is the next question? Anwer: Through Gurbani starting from Japji Sahib, no intellectual game( Japji Pouri-1) are helpful Our own way has no place in that systematic guidance” Hukm rajaaee chakna’ ends all powerful ego. Author above describes beautifully how overhauling is must.
Show your total loyalty to God not just in words but also in deeds. Your acts must not be directed at desperately trying to win favor from God, though they will come. God has blessed you with priceless gift of human life.

  • Therefore, use your life to serve God out of profound gratitude, and not from compulsion or desperation. You must earnestly seek, and acquire a deep personal relationship with God (through His creation) so that it can provide you with the means to talk to Him, not just talk about Him. Recall, God touches you through His creation and created things, and you can surely touch Him back with and through your altruistic deeds of service to His created human beings and other created things. This will be union with God in the real sense.
Author is just repeating, unwavering faith cannot be without loyalty. Seekers do not seek to win favor from Him, seeker finishes himself or herself at His door as per Guru Guidance, all efforts are to be worthy of HIM. I concur; precious life is given by Him to realize Him while living His own created Maya. Gurbani makes seeker think” Yes O God, your world Maya is beautiful, tempting but for me it is You who is more tempting, bless me I shouldn’t fall for others. "All relations are made by Him and are O.K but if they become obstacle one shall not fall for them…( Asa M-1 SGGS 416)” Last paragraph supersedes Guru Teachings, and I must object to it. As per Guru ji views, Seva to His creation is good but it will not trigger union, in other words, it is a part of becoming worthy of Him but not a license to be in union with God as author claims. Gurbani says different,( Mehla 1 SGGS 56, Mehla 3,SGGS 34) while doing all this His simran is the only way to communicate with Him” fir ke agge rakhiai jit dise Darbaar, mohon k boln boliee jis sun dhre pyaar”( remember, not a favor but His love), amarit vela Sach Nao vaddiaeea vichaar-4..Japji”. The following vaak to this Vaak clearly says His grace is must regardless the actions I have problem with those who go beyond Guru Message and start guarantying what Guru ji didnt. So in conclusion, what the author has discussed is beautiful but he has gone over board to declare how union with God is achieved otherwise essay is very good.HIM

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