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How To Reach Out To The Outside Community

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Lionchild, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Lionchild

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    May 16, 2005
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    How To Reach Out To The Outside Community
    By Lionchild

    We often hear about other religious groups doing outreach and wellness programs the for general public/community. Well why should we exclude ourselves from outreaching to the public? So I was brainstorming last night, and I came up with ways we can just that. Most if not all are already used by other faiths and some are just simply to get sikhi out into the community!

    Before I start of though, there is one major barrier to these ideas - in some cases, our gurudwaras/sangat are poorly equipped to handle the general public. Most only speak in Punjabi, and the granthis/committee are even worse when it comes to language. It also doesn’t help that there is a very big cultural biased in our sikhi community, this too will have to be changed, or else we won’t see the public anytime soon.

    Outreach / Wellness Programs (non-sikhi related)
    1. Homeless Services: with Canada’s homeless population rises, there will be a need for beds and food for the less fortunate. What better way to use our langar halls and reception halls for shelter for those who don’t have one? (the langar hall could give out a warm meal too).
    2. Safe House: similar to above, but this would be for men, women, and children that are going through tough times at home. The gurus made the gurudwara as a safe place too be, and open to the public. For those who just need a safe place to flee to, our temples would be good for that.
    3. Disaster Relief: when the tsunamis in Indonesia happened we where there, but what about in our own country? When a flood or natural disaster happens, our doors should be wide open for those who need shelter.
    4. Young Parent Resources: for both the existing and outside community, sometimes, new moms and dads need some help as new parents. We already have many parents in the sikhi community, this would be a good opportunity to really share parental knowledge.
    5. Community board:

    Outreach / Wellness Programs (sikhi related)
    6. English signage for temple: here in Vernon BC, we have a sign that marks our gurus house, too bad no one can read it! There should be a welcome, greeting, Sikh temple signage to show that this is the gurus house and everyone is welcome. (the language of the signs should reflect the majority language spoken).
    7. Pamphlets/papers on sikhi: many new converts into other religions such as Bahia, JW, and alike often are introduced by stumbling on a welcome pamphlet. This would also be a good idea to show the outside community who we are, and what we stand for.
    8. Public house: a public information session would be another great way to show what sikhi is, and to also know that our sikhi community is open to all.

    I really hope that we as a community can start to reach out outside our own community, and perhaps the public will learn our kindness and what we are.

    -Lionchild<br /><br />
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  3. Dimitri

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    May 4, 2006
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    Wishfull thinking.
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