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How To Move Toward Enlightenment From Any Religion?


Jun 1, 2004
The Art of Ascendancy for the Spiritual Development is a synonymous term for Self-Development. Amazingly, once we have learnt the Art of Ascendancy, which is popular as the Chardi Kala, helping us to keep up its spiritual fragrance. This essence is hopefulness–the Eternal Hope. You see, simple survival is the normal case, but higher is living and the true living is still higher. The true living is doing what we say and saying what we do with clarity of thought. In other words, it is giving the metaphorical and mystical direction to our fantasies, making imaginations, and finally the creativity.

This creativity is not a manipulation of knowledge; rather, it is self-felt feelings giving mystic experiences for which knowledge is just a boat. Giving direction to one’s knowledge in the light of the Wisdom of Gurbani brings the clarity of thought, the mystic touch. Knowledge without direction is mere information, having no metaphorical joy; but with direction; it is wisdom.

This direction is the ascending one; not the descending.

Thus, we seem in dire need of reflecting on it for the clarity of it, the Art of Ascendancy–the Chardi Kala. This universal law is described in the Holy Hymns collected as Gurbani–the Teachings of Great Masters. It is the essence of Sikhism, and all have written in the Holy Book of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Introduction to Gurbani:

The Gurbani is the collection of the teachings of the metaphysically transcendental souls, the enlightened ones. It does not matter to which religion, cult, sect or "ism" they belong. The belief in it is that the whole of the Creation is having the governance from One God, called and known by many different names. The word ‘Omni’ as a prefix has ‘Om’ which if combined with ‘Kar’–the Universal activities and actions following the laws and principles of nature. Thus, the holistically integrated name it bears is "Onkar" and it is also spelled as "Omkar". In the Gurbani, there are many transcendentally universal (or natural) laws and the principles that are scientific in nature and application.

Thus, it is described as in a pure and applied form of human wisdom, spiritually and holistically, irrespective of any world religion, faith, "ism" or belief. These are to support us metaphysically about what the comparative religious and interfaith ways say. In other words, it is the essence of the religions; the religions have a common metaphysical thread, such as that present in the rosary.

The thread in the rosary connects all pearls together. Human wisdom has many pearls that are woven together with the thread of faith and feelings. We never want to hurt the feelings or emotions of anyone based on belief because it may break the thread.

This thread is the bond that we all share.

All forms of faiths are thus the pearls having the same thread, but differences as in each pearl being different from the others. However, as the rosary, it is always one. In the In the metaphor of the rosary, we have our mystic reflection metaphysically as if receiving the fruits and the spiritual gifts from the wisdom tree.

Now the concept of the Wisdom Tree for a Sikh or any learner, is the Art of Ascendancy. It is thus learning to accept and obey His Will without creating doubt, but creating clarity by listening to the advice of the Gurbani, the teachings of this common thread present among all religions metaphysically.
When we do not understand the mysticism, the mystic touch in any religion and other philosophies of theism or the faiths, we have many doubts making us suspicious about the other, which we do not follow. However, the comparative study of world religions, faiths, "isms", philosophy, cultures and other differences helps us to best understand about the Fruits of the Wisdom Tree.

We can have more insight about Sikhs:

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Thanks for your reading-it helps to know the world religions and faiths for better world-the peaceful and prosper for all!

Dr. Harmander Singh
Counselor, Writer, Life Coach
Patiala, Punjab

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