How To Conquer The World: Easy (by The Poet Warrior)


1947-2014 (Archived)
How To Conquer The World : Easy

It’s Poet Warrior Time

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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Battlefield - World War 1
Guru Gobind Singh and the 40 Liberated Ones
General Labh Singh
Battle of Chamkaur
5th Regiment - Sikh Battalion - Most Victoria Crosses
Bibi Sada Kaur

Start As Always With The Guru Granth Sahib

Start with the divine word: The Guru Granth Sahib - 1400 pages of transcendental, mystical poetry properly recited in classical raga form, that will merge you with God and The Universe. This is the divine word revealed to Slave Nanak.

This divine recitation contains no laws, no hate and it is really not concerned with human beings. It will devour you when recited in the proper raga form. It is poison. And contrary to every other religion in the World it contains no demonstrated scientific falsehoods. This is the foundation of the Warrior Religion.

Do Not Forget The Sikh Warrior Princesses

Build Esprit D’Corps

Give Loyalty To Great Leadership

Do not ever betray great leadership, even at the cost of your life.

Know Sikh History Well. Learn The Lessons Of Sikh History Well

You will never understand the Sikh Religion if you do not know authentic Sikh history. Authentic Sikh History is the practical application of the Sikh Religion. Always remember that the tree of Sikhi has been watered with rivers of blood.

The great military lesson of Sikh History is that the Khalsa has never fought a battle in which it has had a numerical majority. We prefer to fight when vastly out-numbered.

Have No Fear

True Sikhs do not recognize any difference between life and death and do not recognize the importance of blood relationships. Hence true Sikhs do not have any fear. When a Sikh takes the baptism of the double edged sword he is symbolically drinking death. By abandoning the false entanglements of this world (maya), the false virtuosity of blood relationships and taking the baptism of the double edged sword, true Sikhs are enjoined to totally abandon fear. And true Sikhs have no enmity.

Understand that the integrating new world order is introducing corrosive forces which are destroying Sikhi. The Teutonic tribes in Northern Europe had no concept of fear until Christianity invaded their realms and introduced fear to them (you are born with original sin – you will suffer great everlasting torment if you do not accept Christ). Today the Teutons are a zeroed out race; they equate girlish prettiness in men with bravery. All of the great enemy religions use fear to control and enslave people.
Sikhs are duty bound to emulate the life of the Lord Of The Falcons:

Have love for everyone. Do not fear anyone and have hatred for no one.

Always extend your sword arm for the weak, oppressed and dispossessed of this world. The khalsa respects everybody and their religion but it does not enter their places of worship. Sikhs marry only Sikhs. Sikh females are entirely equal and have equal entitlement with men in everything. The greatest Sikh heroes are Warrior Princesses who have protected the religion of Slave Nanak with their blood. Do not even for one instant forget Sikh History.

Study The Great Books Of Military Science

Study the great books of Miltary Science. You will become wise.
The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
The Thirty Six Strategems – unknown author
On War by General Karl Von Clauswitz
Achtung Panzer by General Heinz Guderian
The Leadership Secrets Of Attila The Hun by Dr. Wess Roberts
The Book Of Five Rings by Miyomoto Mushashi
The Rise Of Napolean Bonaparte by Robert Asprey
The Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Punjab – Sohan Singh Sital
The Military Maxims Of Napolean – various sources

And Finally:

Remember the four princes
the forty saved ones
the ones who were boiled alive but did not forsake Sikhi
the ones who were sawn alive
the ones who were broken on the wheel
the ones who renounced their families but not Sikhi
the females whose children were cut alive but who refused to renounce Sikhi
May the banners of the Sikh Nation fly forever and forever
May the langer halls and gurdwaras be open day and night
May the Kirtan of the Guru Granth Sahib be sung all over the world
May the dream of the Lord Of The Falcons come true.
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1947-2014 (Archived)
No one has commented yet. Is it really necessary to read books of military history to conquer fear? Or to marry only a Sikh, or blame Christianity for fear? Were the Teutons of old a fearless race? Is it relevant that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji does not contradict science?

The essay is here to have a conversation or a debate. No takers? Otherwise it goes unstuck and back into the deep dark recesses of SPN archive threads. :whatzpointkudi:
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I actually think that apart from Military science and all, Sikhs need to understand politics too.

E.g. Whoever is an enemy today, was once a friend.

Something very simple and probably generic statement.

We Sikhs have suffered from the Rajas of the Hills, the Gangus, partition of 1947, 1984, the deras and the Badals. We are still not learning. We fight at each other at smallest things. We are far from accepting of all Sikhs, let alone humanity.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Kanwaljit Singh ji

You make a good point. History and politics are close cousins, if not brothers. History teaches lessons of politics.

When we say we are put off by politics, do we sacrifice an important tool for learning from history, in the past and in the present? Another poet (not warrior) once said, "There is a special place reserved in hell for those who would do nothing (remain neutral) in time of moral crisis." Though Sikhs do not believe in "hell" so what? No great Sikh leader ever "did nothing" in time of moral crisis. Which of our Gurus or military leaders ever separated politics from morality?
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If Guru Nanak knew of Malik Bhago, it was because he knew the 'politics' which went behind in accumulating such wealth. Malik was doing what most people do today. Make money by unfair means and denote a part of it to the 'saints'. But Guru Nanak stood up to the fallacy. How many people in the Gurudwara would stand up against such a thing today?

I also remember a video of a 1984 Delhi widow. She saw some new Sikh Congress members meeting and hugging Tytler etc. She felt really sad. And she said you will remember 1984 when they go against you too.

Meeting up with Right wing parties like Bajrang Dal, RSS and what not. Taking their help in elections. Some politicians have made friends with the enemies to retain the clout.

Every 25 years some big Dera or Sect splinters away from Sikhi. Nothing is done to get those people back into the fold, or make them understand or have a good dialogue. The politicians also fire them up, a person who doesn't get to be the leader he wanted to be goes his own way and we have more enemies than friends.

What is a Sikh? It is as defined as what is a Hindu? We laugh at others but don't look at ourselves. We have big samagams, prachars, talks, sanchars etc and the people organizing don't really follow. There are hundred ways to God. And many more to Sikhi. Then how can this Sikhi be Vaalo Nikki (thin like hair). It is almost a whole gut (braid).

If the Sikhs want, they will take up the minority status and ask for help from the corrupt Indian govt. Ya that is what Guru Sahib taught us, that is the self respect of a Sikh. And let me not start for the caste system, specially when it comes to OBC status.

Gatka and wrestling have been replaced in Punjab by drinks and drugs. The healthy, shining faces of the youth have been replaced by those beaten with hangovers. And those who are safe from addictions are still within the gripe of Cancer in Punjab.


There is far too much emphasis on self gain.
If a person doesn't feel as if they are gaining for self, then they seem to resort to self-pleasures !.....The reason why everywhere there is a huge drug, addiction, depression..problem.


Above is a picture of the 5th regiment.
Now, my grandfather was also in the 5th regiment and he would probably be glad that he is not around to see the problems that exist within politics and religion today.

I remember him telling me that it was important and difficult to be a true sikh and then he would go on to say that it was even more difficult to be in the army and fight as a sikh.
He would tell me that you would only understand if for your country and dharm you would in a split second have to walk over the wounded and dead body of your best friend. This would be your lifetime close buddy/brother who gets wounded standing shoulder to shoulder next to you, and you would not even have a chance for any last words or wishes. Just the fact that if one of you dies it means one down and so many left to fight.

How these soldiers came back and then have to see the crimes of humanity today, leaves me feeling sad.