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How To Change Water's Conscience With Mind Control

Discussion in 'General' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 27, 2010.

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    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Does this have any possible bearing on Amrit preparation?



    How To Change Water's Conscience With Mind Control

    Water can show its conscience in the form of crystals

    water conscience, water crystals

    As we all know, water has many well researched properties which make it the main life supporter of the planet. But there's something about water that the mainstream science tries to ignore and deny, and it is the water conscience, or the capacity of water to record and store information and to react to vibrational influences.

    However Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig, Prof Schweitzer and Dr. Masay Emoto have clearly proved that water can act as a liquid tape recorder, being able to receive and transmit electromagnetic vibrations to the molecules. This process of transmition amplification and storage of molecular signals, is something natural to all human beings, and the experiments of the mentioned scientific, call for our special attention to the kind of thoughts and words that we use.

    The water that we daily consume, is not so pure as we might think. Modern man de-energise water through synthetic processing and adds to it many chemicals to kill dangerous bacteria and micro-organisms. All this mechanical and chemical treatment changes pure water properties, and makes it carry unwanted signals and wavelengths potentially harmful for us

    Dr Wolfang Ludwig has demonstrated that many harmful electromagnetic frequencies and oscillations can be transferred into the human organs through water while Dr. Masary Emoto author of "Messages of Water" has proved that even sound and music change the structure of water crystals.

    Water molecules have a positive and a negative pole, and that's why they can behave like little magnets, attaching themselves to the neighboring molecules, to form clusters of several hundred molecules. These clusters are very sensitive structures that could easily be affected, and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them, this way storing information into the water.

    This is closely related to homeopathy. Homeopathy works because of the cluster's ability to store vibrational imprints. On the homeopathic process, the vibrational patters become locked into the cluster structure of water, and when you drink the homeopatically remedy, the cluster structure is transferred into you, who will respond to the vibrational pattern drinked.

    This has already being proved under rigid scientific conditions by Prof. Benveniste in France in the late 1980s, and was afterwards confirmed by the researches of five different universities.


    As you can imagine, being water capable of vibrational imprinting, it also takes on the imprints of environmental pollutants and chemicals, and transfers them to us when we drink it. As Dr. Wolfang Ludwing proved in Germany, telling us that not only the physical pollutants have a damaging effect, but also the water that has been exposed to those pollutants have a damaging effect, because the cluster structure is polluted with those vibrational imprints.

    But aren´t we drinking pure water?

    NO, conventional water treatments are not adequate because they remove the physical pollutants to produce chemically clean tap water, but the water's cluster structure is not affected by such treatments, and still convey the vibrational pattern of toxins and chemicals to the human body.

    Water is so important for life in this planet, that it is everywhere, it is in the atmosphere as clouds, rain and humidity, it is within the Earth's crust, it is in every living being, animal or plant, and our bodies are comprised of 70 % water.

    Our brain uses water molecules to store our knowledge, and consuming impure water weakens our ability to resist disease. Prof. Jaques Benveniste found that alterning magnetic fields you can erase the memory stored in water (many psychiatrist in the past used electro shock on schizophrenic patients, to erase the memories that they stored in the water molecules in their brains)


    Water appears to act as the Earth's sensory organ for the cosmic cycles. We all know how the tides react to the moon's phases, and Dr. Theodor Scwen has investigated the subtle effects of the cosmos on water, and has clearly showed the variations in water response to changes in planetary constellation.

    He found that moving water acts as a receiver, while still water preserves the received information. In his experiments he shacked water at regular intervals, before, throughout and after a solar eclipse produced. And wheat grains that used water shaken during the eclipse had a stunted growth, whereas the growth were normal when used water shaken before and after the eclipse. (Other techniques where used afterwards and confirmed this correlation of plant growth and planetary constellation)

    Lawrence Edwuards had also carried out fascination work on how the shape of tree and flower buds change their shape as the planetary alignment change. For example the planet Mars influences the oak, Venus the birch, the cherry is influenced by the Sun, etc.

    In the same manner, water is highly susceptible to changes in the cosmic constellation. It is receptive to cosmic influence and conveys its information to all living organisms, because they are all largely composed of water.


    One of the most heart stopping investigations about water properties is Dr. Masay Emoto's that proved that human thought, emotions and sounds can change water crystal's shape.

    And then it happened the unbelievable, Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made an one hour prayer practice beside the dam.

    After the prayer, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed, and the ugly blobs become the following clear bright and crystals:

    Reverend Kato explained that during his prayer he invoked the spirits of the Seve Benzaite: the Goddesses of Fortune (that might be the reason why the some of the crystal's color is gold)

    And what do you think that happened to Reverend Kato?

    While he prayed he had to generate within himself the devotional vibrations that changed the dam water's crystals, and at the same time that he was purifying the dam, he was purifying himself changing the shape of all the water within his body.

    And how does the untreated distilled water look?

    The different samples of distilled water do not look all alike, you will find many formations but none of the crystallized, this is one of them.

    Dr Emoto's investigation included taping words or people's names to the bottles, playing music to them or exposing them to floral essences.

    Other effects that Dr. Emoto claims to have found in his research include:

    That the same sentiment expressed in different languages produces different crystal formations:

    Water from clear mountain springs and streams show beautiful crystalline structures, while polluted or stagnate water is deformed and distorted.

    Distilled water exposed to classical music takes delicate symmetrical crystalline shapes.
    Water that´s bombarded with heavy metal music, negative thoughts and emotions, or is labeled with negative words, look ugly

    Water treated with aromatic floral oils tends to mimic the shape of the original flower.

    The same effect produces exposing water crystals to negative words or ideas.

    Another very interesting experiment was to tape the words "You Fool" to a recipient of distilled water. The pattern is almost identical to the pattern that produced the heavy metal music, and Dr. Masaru Emoto wonders weather perhaps heavy metal musicians look upon people as fools

    Dr. Emoto's amazing experiments tells us that even when we can´t see immediate results for our prayers and mind control exercises, the energy of our thoughts surround us. When we love ourselves our bodies respond, when we send love to our neighbor their bodies respond, and when we send love to the Earth, she responds, because our bodies are 70 percent water and the Earth´s surface is also 70 percent water.

    Water is far from inanimate, water is conscious of what surrounds it, of our thoughts and of our feelings, though you can heal yourself and your planet if you only believe that you can.

    When you use the power of your mind to project positive feelings, the water that's everywhere around you and inside you, will receive positive, natural, spiritual and healing information, that will store in its molecules and will broadcast to other molecules, giving love peace and health to yourself and all that you project your love to.

    Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
    (The original article at Dr. Bonomi's site show pictures of the different kinds of water mentioned in this article)
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