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How Nirmalas/Udaasis Changed The Maryada Of Harimandar (in Punjabi)

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Karam Singh was born at the wrong a way...and not in a way...???
WRONG time because SIKHS then didnt bother about books manuscripts knowledge etc...( also the EXACT same situation TODAY !! Some dont want any knowledge thats sikh related..its not my business types....others think what their Baba Ji said is enough....IF say baba jarnail singh bhinderawallah DIDNT read book.B.....WHY SHOULD I ?? IF BJSB did read Book A..then I MUST READ IT..types..Baba Ji snat Ji Brahmgyani Ji is 108% !!! and wealthy sikhs maharajas etc didnt wnat to spend nay money on rare mansucripts old books while Karam Singh FOUND VAST amounts of Manuscripts, Maharaja Ranjit singhs court diaries, books handwritten books etc etc he couldnt buy nay even at JUNK YARD PRICES...(he was a student with no income at all) He would SHED TEARS OF BLOOD at seeing bundles after bundles of rare manuscripts, etc being sold at Recycling centers..and he bought whatever he could..and wrote books on History..and then he faced the WRATH of the sant babas for declaring Baba Nanaks birthdate as 1st VAISAKH which is WHY Guru Gobind Singh Chose this day for KHALSA in 1699 !! LOGICAL isnt it ?? Becasue its GURU Nanak ji who is the real Founder of the KHALSA !! and Guru gobind Singh ji formalised the Concept after 250 years....

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 5, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
Indeed.One who has read enough Sikh history, cannot but appreciate Dilgeers arguments, because he comes up with proper dates and dates that fall into sequences...most of the time and makes sense.I have had a history of challenging him and disagreeing with him over Divali and some other issues, where he has not come up with appropriate explanations.But here,I cannot fault him.

My most recent disagreenet with him is over the word langger.He has translated that as Comunity Kitchen, an original mistake already made by many.

I believe otherwise.The most appropriate word in translation for Langger- is Congregational Kitchen, I believe.Sangat is a Sikh congregation-langger is peculiar to ONLY Sikh congregations and not any other.Thus I believe congregational langger is more appropriate.

His argument is that a comunity is a brotherhood, which I disagree with.Brotherhood is more than community.Sikh brotherhood is not simply based upon communal similarities of shared views as in communities..It is based upon a significant sense of belonging, oneness,values, ideals,shared religious beliefs....Thus, I disagree with his intepretation of this issue.

However, as Dilgeer comes with facts supported by evidence, the babadoms are reacting with fear and chaotic minds and responses...I am yet to see one that has responded with a academic view point, that is respectful.

All I hear from the taksalis, babadoms supporters is "...missionaries,lies, Or baba Ji said so, we are branches that branched out from damdama sahib...Bhai randhir singh ji said so...Guru Ji wrote the dasam granth etc...but how, when who never answered apart from trying to claim such discussions are dividing the community etc..while they close an eye about their own blasphamous actions that are indeed dividing the community or brother hood.
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