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How Much Do You Know About Sikhism?

Mar 12, 2013
sat sri akal ji...

i am new here.. n i don't know where to start this thread.. because its kinda confusing to find right forum for this thread..

sorry if i am posting it at wrong place...

so coming to the topic.. this is kinda game..

questions about Sikhism will be asked n people who know the answer will post their answers.. if you have any advice to make this game better please give ur suggestions..

anyone can ask question n anyone can give answers

e.g my first question is... who is known as mother of khalsa?


Apr 30, 2013
Please forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe that Guru Amar Das Ji was Guru Angad Dev Ji's disciple (and ultimate successor).

The 7th Guru: Guru Har Rai Ji.


Dec 4, 2011
What are the names of the four Sahibzade's (Son's of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) in age order?
  1. Baba Ajit Singh Ji (1687 - 1704) -16yrs
  2. Baba Jujhar Singh Ji (1689 - 1704) -14yrs
  3. Baba Zorawar Singh Ji (1696 - 1704) -8yrs
  4. Baba Fateh Singh Ji (1698 - 1704) -6yrs
I find that the ages in years are often quoted 1 yr less due to uncertainity of exact birth dates.
In all honesty I have never felt the need to search further to get these dates because this information and their sacrifices are more than enough to want to keep a khes!
If I know that a 5 or 6yr old gave up their life for the sake of their khes, then if I can't understand this moral, there is no point trying to argue the exact months of age for the young babaji.

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