Sikhi How Can One Count The Countless?

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    How can one count the Countless?
    Does Simran mean repeating a word like a parrot?
    Does it mean to continue doing good deeds?
    One deed is done, and it ends.
    The other One starts.
    The One has no count.
    It is always The One.
    Shall be The One.

    Is mala the beads of Me-ism?
    So, I can count how many times,
    I have counted the Omnipresent?
    The One that dwells in all there is.

    How many times can one count The One?
    What is the significance of this mechanical ritual?
    What good does it bring?
    What good does it make us do?

    Let’s make mala the deeds of our lives.
    Let’s make mala the shoulders to be leant on.
    Let’s make mala the handkerchief to wipe,
    someone’s tears.
    Let’s make mala the lifting hands to the fallen.
    Let’s make mala our finger to be held.
    A child can cross the street.

    Let’s make mala to eradicate injustice.
    To erase rapes of the innocent.

    It needs no gold, ivory, wooden or steel beads.
    What if the beads were cubes rather than circular?
    How many times we can mala it then?
    Just think about it.

    If one counts the Infinite.
    Me-ism makes it Finite.
    The only mala we need is,
    Living a life of a Sikh.

    Tejwant Singh
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