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Homosexuality, Cars And James Bond

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
I worked late yesterday, my christian friend wandered in, he looked tired, I looked tired, so I asked him about homosexuality, his eyes blazed, what followed was a ten minute sermon about homosexuality complete with face grimacing, windmill arms, the full works, I remarked that my dear wife had invited my stepsons best friend to live with us when he was homeless for 6 months, and he was a homosexual. Although to be fair, he was not a real homosexual, my stepson put off telling me to last, as he was fully aware I would be fascinated, and grill his friend on all aspects. I tried to convince his friend he should be embracing all aspects of the culture, but all he wanted to do was go to college and fall in love with someone special, kids today, they dont know what living is!

Anyway, my friend asked me if it was hard having him live there, Oh yes I said, and he brightened, he kept squeezing loads out of the toothpaste, and he insisted on eating and talking with me when I was reading, uhm that was it. I decided to go home to my ill wife.

I found wife in bed coughing away with both the dogs, James Bond was on, Pierce Brosnan, I hate Pierce as Bond, it has to be Roger Moore for me, his eyebrows could have had their own series, and Kabir Bedi made a fantastic sardar baddie, however, I suffered the film as my wife was ill, I was just nodding off when, I caught sight of one of my all time best cars, the BMW 1994 750i V12 E38, and then, loads more cars from that era, I sat up as the E38 was chased by a 1992 Mercedes S class W126 (post 1989, as there was no slats on the side plastics, yes I am a sad sad sad man), both cars are absolutely beautiful classics but so different in personality and drive, I never could understand why people would just but the car du jour, without any appreciation of the history or the engineering of the car, it makes me look rich, so I will buy it seems to be the mantra, which is such a shame, as these cars from that era were an engineering excellence with a proud pedigree of being completely bombproof. I once drove a W126 around for 2 months with a massive hole in the engine, without realising, and even on its last legs, it never gave up, I sold it on ebay in the end for £200 to a german who drove it back to Berlin, it was like losing a friend,

More cars joined the chase, including a pristine 1993 Vauxhal/Opel (GM) Senator 3.0 24V in Burgundy, beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, as did the 1992 Ford Granada 2.9i ghia, I remarked to my wife how great this all was, but she had fallen asleep.

I cannot afford to run a car at the moment, but I do not feel in anyway wanting for one, I have some great memories, and a lot of those cars left a real mark, some more than people I knew, once we have got through this patch, I will start putting something away for another Range Rover, ebay shows prices around £800 but its more the running costs!, strangely enough, I do not feel in anyway incomplete without my cars, I have a cycle, and I am enveloped by the Creator, with a beautiful wife, beautiful family, beautiful animals, I feel I am so blessed that I worry, I am too blessed. IshnaBhenji imparted something to me that I constantly think about, this world, is Creators house, while we are here, we may use and enjoy some of the beautiful things in this house, the secret is being able to enjoy them when they are there, but not miss them when they are not. As I cycle to work, I often see this W126, and I linger behind it, taking in the view of its magnificent behind, I appreciate, but I do not covet, the owner has got used to me smiling at him, I feel his pleasure, his hand caressing the gearshift, the smell, the roar of the 5 litre V8, and the enchanting way the nose lifts in the air, the three pointed star rising like a machine gun sight, I watch him drive away into the distance,
and thanked Creator for giving me grace and appreciation without wanting, its a new concept for me, and I am much better for it

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