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Controversial Hindu And Sikh Temples Targeted In Pakhistan


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Hindu and Sikh Temples Targeted in Pakistan

Thousands of Temples have been destroyed or converted into Mosques in Pakistan since partition

Hindu and Sikh Temples Targeted in Pakistan | ChakraNews.com

Lahore, Pakistan (CHAKRA) – After numerous reports of Gurdwara land being snatched and sold by radical groups in Pakistan, a piece of land owned by a temple is now being seized unfairly by a fundamental organization—Jeay Sindh. This piece of land is one of many that has been taken away by an extremist organization, with an agenda to destroy the existence of Hindu temples or Sikh Gurdwaras in areas of Pakistan which is a majority Muslim country.

Leader of Jeay Sindh, Bashir Khaskheil has taken part in the demolishment of Krishna Temple while illegally seizing 20 acres surrounding it.

The owner of the Krishna Temple land, Padma Puri who is also the leader of Panjrapor Welfare Association was attacked when she stood up against the intruders of her land. She resisted the building of boundary walls around the temple but the imposters threw acid on her in response to her bravery.

Puri said, “Some men with masks had acid thrown at me, my body got burnt.”

After a hard fight, Puri and her husband Maharaj Kishan Chand have failed to receive any support. Even the Minister of Minority Affairs, Mohan Lal has not been able to deliver them justice or a means to justice.

Maharaj Kishan Chand said, “We are Hindus and injustice is being meted out to us.”

December 2009, was the month in which the most Sikh land was sold for absurdly low prices to the Pakistani army. Many acres of land that belonged to the minority Sikh community who put hours and hours of work into the land, was sold in a blink of an eye.

In addition, in the past, endless numbers of attempts have been made by various groups or individuals to take away land belonging to Hindu temple owners. After the pieces of land are seized, it has proven difficult to gain them back. Ministers failed to request for the land to be given back while knowing that the land was clearly taken away on illegal grounds. Even though Pakistan’s own regulations were broken when the land was taken away, important leaders who are supposed to make a difference have failed to reclaim the land back. No attempts have been made in the past or present. The minority populations have once again been left in a helpless state.


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