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Help Us Become A 125,000 Member Community!


Jun 1, 2004
Dear SPN'ers, Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Its Time to Give it Back to The Community!

Over the years, you have adored & nurtured, applauded & deplored, loved & hated us, as we become one of the most admired online community of Sikhs exploring the united colors of Sikhism... Sikh Philosophy Network's ideology has been as laid down by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji: "Manas Ki Jaat Sabhey Aikey Pechhanbo" "Recognize All Humankind as One". Sikhism does not belong to a particular Community, Race or Country. This guiding force is what makes SPN stand out. There are thousands of networks but there is only one SPN... :yes:

Today, we are on the threshold of becoming a strong 8,000 member community! This could not have been possible without the whole-hearted support by you. All your informative posts and enthusiastic participation is what got us here. A BIG and sincere Thank you!

To keep the thought process ever evolving and the learning curve to get even steeper, we want this community to grow like no-one other. The more members we have to answer your questions, ask questions as we move along, the more valuable SPN becomes to you!

The best way to grow a network without diluting our ethos is through the word of mouth of existing SPN'ers. This is how we have grown to this strength in the first place.

As we look forward, here is our aspiration! We want to be a 125,000 member community.

To facilitate our journey towards a 125,000 member community, we are opening this section to educate members about the "specific" ways they can help SPN grow. There are plenty of tiny things you can do to contribute in this cause! At least the first two ideas, we request every SPN'ner to do as a matter of duty.

Each of the below ideas will open into a new topic. If you have helped SPN in any of the ways below, we would like to know and recognize. So, please update us in that topic itself. With your support, we are sure we will reach our goal in no time.

Request#0 - Invite Your Friends By Email

Request#1 - Add SPN to Your Personal Email Signature!

Request#2 - Tell-A-Friend about SPN!

Request#3 - Introduce SPN to a Mailing Lists/Social Networking Groups

Request#4 - Educate Local Gurudwara Community about SPN

Request#5 - Get a Link to SPN on Your favourite Blogs/Websites

Warm Regards


Sikh Philosophy Network
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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Re: Help us become a 100,000 member community!

I SECOND Aman Singh Ji.

My "Nitnem" begins with SPN...the worldy one that is... (after the Spiritual one is done and completed by 3 am)..and then like my Muslim friends...i perform at least Five "SPN Namaazs." ..that is.... visit SPN at least five times between reading the net mails....other Forums ....Rozana Spokesman...Sikh marg...etc etc.....and so far SPN leads the PACK as the BEST SIKH FORUM that actually promotes Gurmatt as Preached and Practised by our GURU SAHIBS...Sarab Sanjhiwaal...Manas kee jaat sabh ek pehchanbo..Sarbatt da bhalla..ALL are Genuinely wellcome.....Kich Kaheayeh kicchh sunneah Nanak....Ros na keejey UTTAR Deejeh..Nanak....etc etc etc...
From Today all my EMails will carry the SPN sign....:happy:


Jun 1, 2004
Re: Help us become a 100,000 member community!

Thank You Gyani Ji for initiating the campaign with your kind blessings. :) With the support of members like you, there is no stopping us. Waheguru willing. :yes:


Jun 1, 2004
Gyani Ji, Facebook has a great potential to find active members for SPN... Orkut, Myspace, Friendster, hi5 etc are other websites which have immense potential... What is required is a small initiative at inidividual level...

Thank you once again for another initiative.

Warm Regards
May 28, 2009
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa..Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.........

Yesterday I woke up and after Simran abhyas...started comp to check SPN, even today..after Simran abhyas...checked SPN...then went to take a bath...came and replied ...because I know if I will not ..then it will continue in this chancal...mind...while Nitnem.....

Lets make this a holy place to connect to true sikhi..........

Waheguru bhali karey......

Chardi Kala.............

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