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General He Alone Is Known As A Spiritual Warrior

Jul 10, 2006
Watch the Video from sikhitube.com



YouTube - He Alone Is Known As A Spiritual Warrior

By .:: Raj Karega Khalsa Network ::.

This video is about what it means to be a Spiritual Warrior. The Gatka clips are from Gatka Mixtape 2 with thanks to Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara. In Sikhi, we learn to balance the Saint and Soldier aspects of our lives. This means we fight a war throughout our entire lives in the battlefield of our minds. The daily battle is to neutralise the 5 Evils of Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Egotism and Guru Ji equips us with the Shastar of the Lord's Name.

Spiritual Warriors like Bhai Mani Singh Ji were cut piece by piece with hatchets but remained true to their faith. Gurbani is the greatest weapon as it pierces where those hatchets cannot reach. Once we equip ourselves with this Shastar then nothing can conquer us and we see ourselves as an instrument in the hands of the Lord's Will to be used as He sees fit. Then we use our faith through the soldier aspect through helping Society in the world around us. Sikhs are inherently activists and seek to help others. Do selfless service and correct injustices. One can fight in defence of their faith against the 5 Evils with the sword of Piri or spirituality as well as temporal injustices.

This Subtitled Kirtan Video contains the following Gurbani:

Shabad by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Maaroo on Ang 1105 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

The battle-drum beats in the sky of the mind; aim is taken, and the wound is inflicted.
The spiritual warriors enter the field of battle; now is the time to fight!
He alone is known as a spiritual hero, who fights in defense of his faith.
He may be cut apart, piece by piece, but he never leaves the battlefield.

On Panna 1015 of Sri Dasam Granth Ji:

O Surya! O Chandra! O merciful Lord! listen to a request of mine, I am not asking for anything else from you; whatever I wish in my mind, by that with Thy Grace;
If I fall a martyr while fighting with my enemies then I shall think that I have realised Truth; O Sustainer of the Universe ! I may always help the saints in this world and destroy the tyrants; bestow this boon on me.

On Panna 1015 of Sri Dasam Granth Ji:

O God, grant me this that I may not hesitate from performing good actions.
I do not fear the enemy, when I go to fight and assuredly I gain victory.
I may give this instruction to my mind and have temptation that I ever utter Thy Praises.
When the end of my life comes, I die fighting in the battlefield.

From Ang 1412 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

If you desire to play this game of love,
then step onto My Path with your head in hand.
When you place your feet on this Path,
then lay down your head and do not fear public opinion.


Mar 12, 2006
London Uk
Hi Kaur ji, this has got to be one of the best videos i have ever seen. I used to watch Gatka on channel punjab, and this music used to come, and i always hasked my mum what the meaning is. She told me it was written by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaji who states that no matter how many times his body is cut, the spiritual warrior never gives up, and is fearless, and is the image of god. This really inspired me, but is there any way i can get hold of this inspiring poem on mp3?