Haume And Naam

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Haume is treated through Naam and Gurbani vichaar.

Once a cat fell in a well and died in there. As a result of the decomposition of cat's dead body, the well water got contaminated and smelled bad. The residents using the well went to a wise person to ask how to treat the well water.

The wise man told them to remove the cat's dead body and take out 1000 buckets of water out of the well. The residents came back and took out 1000 buckets of contaminated water but forgot about the dead cat.

After taking out 1000 buckets they noticed that the water was still smelly and contaminated. They went back to the wise person and told him about the problem still persisting. The wise man told them to take out another 1000 buckets. The residents did just that but the water still remained contaminated.

Finally the wise man asked the residents if they had taken out the dead cat. The residents responded by saying no. The wise man told them to remove the dead cat and then remove another 1000 buckets of water. The residents did just that and their well was functioning again.

Our situation is very much like this well. Our insides are contaminated and we try to clean them through paath, naam and good deeds but since we don't let go our bad deeds and haume, we don't get full benefit of doing bhagti.
In Siri Aasa kee Vaar we read:

(If a Sikh does bhagti and stays humble, then alone a Sikh can achieve release from this Bhavsaagar i.e. terrible ocean).

Guru Sahib saade uppar kirpa karan.

By Bhai Kulbir Singh





1947-2014 (Archived)
Soul Jyot ji
What we must do about everything we fear and everything that angers us is in this story. The villagers had to wake up to the fact they had a problem. They had to want to do something about it. They had to find someone who could guide them. They had to do some work, several times over. One time at the well wasn't enough to clear things up. They weren't paying attention. The wise man couldn't pay attention for them. They had to do it themselves.

Your quiet way of teaching is gold.