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Has Anyone Ordered From This Site?


Sep 28, 2011
I ordered a kirpan,kacheera from https://www.sikhlink.net on august 26th and here it is the 12th and i have yet to recieve items. ive sent few emails and gotten 0 responses. So i was wondering ig anyone else had ordered from this site. i ordered because the kirpan was affordable and nice. and kacheera (cotten shorts) were to.


Sep 8, 2011
Re: Has anyone order from this site?

I have not ordered from them but if they ship from India then it will take 5-10 days to receive the package in the US. All books shipped by us from our India location http://www.sikhcomics.com take about 7-10 days to the US and UK and about 3 weeks to Canada.

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