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Happiness: What Does It Mean To Receive?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Happiness: What does it mean to receive?
Anne Naylor: What Does It Mean To Receive?

Do you find it easier to give, than to receive? Do you ever have difficulty asking for what you want, because you don't want to be rejected? Do you fear the future because you won't get what you need to survive?

Giving and receiving go together. Often, people are better givers. Giving is within your control. You can decide what, when, where, how, to whom or to what you give.

You might be a compulsive giver. I have a friend who loves to give. She will even help an older person to cross the road when they have no wish to do so. So long as she is giving, she feels good. Giving is gratifying, and what a good thing. Giving time, talent, skills, money, caring, creativity, gifts benefits others and builds the bonds of our human community.

Receiving begins with your breath. It costs nothing. Without it, you would not be here. Most of the time, you are probably unconscious of breathing. In meditation, you take time to observe your breath. Observing slows you down so that you fully receive it. You become conscious and may become more peaceful and contented in your life. Instead of feeling driven, you could become a participant observer.

Do you get so busy during the day that you do not take a moment to receive, to be aware of, the good around you? Do you ever pause to take in the beauty of flowers? The warmth in another's eyes? The joy in a child passing by? Receiving might ask you to step aside from your mental preoccupations and opinions to simply observe what is immediately in front of you.

When you hug a friend, a family member, a person new to you, do you allow yourself to receive their warmth? Or do you, like a friend of mine does, hold the person by the shoulders, so they do not get too close? Do you allow yourself to receive compliments with a "Thank you"? Or do you bat them away with a dismissive "Well, if you really knew.... "?

When you eat, do you take time to receive pleasure from your food, to taste flavours, appreciate colour and texture? When I was writing a cookery book, I was constantly tasting to get the end result I was seeking. Simply tasting fulfilled my appetite. I needed to eat less.

Your senses come alive through using them. Try going out into your daily life with an intention to listen, look and feel with greater awareness the simple things you encounter. Through receiving, your life can be enriched with meaning. You may feel more connected, at one with yourself and at peace in the world.

A reader of an earlier post on receiving commented:
Give sincere thanks when someone gives to you. See more subtle ways that people do give to you already, and give frank thanks to them for doing so. Nothing creates a deeper bond than sincere appreciation, between people.​
Receiving I understand as an almost sacred act. Why? Receiving asks that you be open, with no expectations or attachment that you will be given to. If you ever have difficulty receiving, here are 10 Tips For Grateful Receiving:

1. Be grateful for all that you have and enjoy, right now. Count your blessings. This creates a feeling of fullness which makes receiving easier.

2. Give to receive.
What would you like more of? What you put out is what you get back. Try seeding. Check this link for more information. What is seeding?

3. Create the space to receive.
Let go of what no longer has value for you, is not useful or in no way adds to your life. Sell, give away or throw out unnecessary possessions or clutter.

4. Free form writing. Let go of mental and emotional blocks to receiving by writing. Take a pad of paper and a biro. Write freely whatever comes to mind. Do not re-read what you have written. Find a safe place to burn the paper.

5. Ask for what you want. Communicate clearly to those who are able to give to you what you are requesting. Create a network of supporters to assist you.

6. Be open.
Let go of attachments and expectations. Allow what you want to come to you. Attachment can be fearful and shuts the door to receiving. Hold a positive focus with a clear intention of what you would like.

7. Envisage your receiving. Open your heart and mind to creating the outcomes you wish to experience. Make your vision fun, colourful, gracious, enjoyable and freeing. See, feel, hear, touch and taste that which you wish coming easily to you.

8. Listen. Allow yourself to be guided, intuitively, to the actions you can take to promote your receiving. Take off the pressures and expectations about how you will receive. Be prepared to be surprised.

9. Smile, take a deep breath.
Let that breath out. Relax. Place what you would like into the spiritual Light for the highest good, this or something greater taking place.

10. Feel grateful. Fully take in what you receive, as a blessing. Take a moment to be consciously aware. Giving and receiving is a virtuous cycle. You may find yourself spiralling upwards as the quality of your life improves, and joy becomes more of a constant companion in your life.
All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired.

Martin Luther
What does receiving mean for you? Do you find it easier to give, than to receive? How do you think receiving benefits the giver?

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me at anne@annenaylor.com

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Forwarded by Tejwant Singh ji Malik