Khalsa Aid Haiti Earthquake: Khalsa Aid (USA) Now Logistical Arm Of Khalsa Aid (UK Home Office)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Dear Sadh-Sangat Ji,

We are pleased to announce the creation of the long-awaited Khalsa Aid (USA) who will be working as the logistical arm for the Khalsa Aid (UK) Head Office. The Khalsa Aid (USA) team believe that there is a huge interest from the Sangat in the USA to participate and provide logistical support and hands-on assistance in the field and not just provide monetary assistance. Khalsa Aid (USA) draws together the diverse talents of business people from various backgrounds with the passion for serving humanity. This is a very exciting time for the Sikh community worldwide, we hope the North American community supports Khalsa Aid (USA) just as much as the UK community has supported Khalsa Aid (UK).

"Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Teray Bhannay Sarbat Da Bhalla".

Khalsa Aid (UK) also had a meeting with Khalsa Aid (USA) about coordinating relief work in Haiti. The meeting was held in New Jersey and the relief programme for Haiti was finalised. During the day, we also met the first ever female Haitian descent Mayor - Mayor Jasmine of Spring Valley, New York. This meeting was very constructive as well as informative with the Mayor offering us all facilities available in Haiti where she has also seconded her Deputy Mayor to work with the local agencies on the relief effort. She has provided further contacts that will assist the Khalsa Aid team to deliver aid efficiently. The Sikh community representing Khalsa Aid (USA) had a real task in explaining who and what the Sikhs are and the principles of Sewa (selfless service to all of humanity) to the Mayor. This turned out to be a very "educational" visit for the Mayor.

THIS MORNING (26th January)

After establishing establishing contacts in the NJ-NY Sangat, we are on the way to Haiti and at the moment are in Newark Airport. We will be landing in the Dominican Republic at Porto Plata and driving to Haiti tonight. Bless us with your Ardaasan.

"Jo Mangay Thakur Apne Te Soee Soee Devay".


Mandeep Singh and Ravinder Singh

We have received notification from the Khalsa Aid Team that they have crossed over the border into Haiti a few hours ago, and having carefully planned the project with volunteers in the UK and US they can start delivering aid to those who most need it.

January 28th

"We have entered Haiti now and the destruction is becoming progressively more apparent. We are also lucky to have met a lady who runs an orphanage where she has lost 11 children - we are also thinking of linking up with her and others as we are thinking that in the medium term we would like to start an orphanage here."

5 sea containers filled with supplies are being prepared to be sent from Port Newark to the Khalsa Aid team in Haiti.

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