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Had Some Sleep Finally

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    no sleep the night before last again, lay in bed looking at the ceiling most of the night, ended up waking up to find the puppies can climb the stairs, I smelt this notion, rather than seeing it, slowly opening my eyes to the pungent smell of dog poo, I looked down to see Rory (puppy #1) soiling my boot, whilst Bran (puppy #2) was contentedly chewing the other.

    I should have been amused, but I was getting on for 6 hours sleep in 52 hours, needless to say I had a grumpy morning yesterday. Driving to work, I started to panic, the connection that had been with me all week was fading, I did not feel part of the universe anymore, I felt alone.

    I felt Creator gave me a chance to join again, by doing a good deed for another brother Sikh who had little money, and yesterday, once again, I felt joined to Creation, last night I slept like a baby, the first decent nights sleep I have had in 4 days. I woke up, cuddled wife, cuddled Dan, who sleeps in the bed, I had to find him first, I am not sure who was more annoyed at being awoken, wife or dog, but I think I got a more enthusiastic kiss from the dog.

    Quickly dressed, washed and into the living room, have never seen such happiness, two puppies jumping all over me, I sat on the carpet and cuddled them for 10 mins, they smell very uhmm like a sweet musky smell. I have to confess Rory is my favourite, he has such personality, he reminds me of me, Bran is quieter, a thinker, he follows Dan everywhere, although Dan just growls at them all the time,

    Today, the object is to get every repair out in the shop, all 14 of them, I am ridiculously cheap, so it is constantly busy, but I love computers, and I love working alone, singing and playing air guitar, so all in all, it feels like a good day, todays music selection, Metallica S and M, Seal, the best of, A-ha, the best of, and now time for breakfast its saturday and that means chocolate!
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