1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom H.S. Phoolka And Tytler (Videos)

Bravo Phoolka Ji ,
March on we are with you . I appeal each & everybody especially Aman Singh ji to make Phoolka Ji 's Bank Account Nos available to each & every Sikh so that we can contribute to this crusade for justice monetarily Last year I was in Thailand having dinner at an Indian restaurant in Silom Bangkok . We were watching India TV where news were flashed how after Jarnail singh shoe incident Jagdish Tytler was not given ticket A newly wed couple from Delhi was sitting on the table next to us . The girl starting exclaiming how bad SARDARS had done by raising this issue . Poor Tytler was robbed of his ticket at the last moment . Her utternaces left us shell shocked how indifferent were these to atrocities committed on their fellow countrymen .

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