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Gurus Guru Nanak - The Guru And The Disciple

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Gurus Guru Nanak - The Guru And The Disciple

Jun 1, 2008
Sat shri akal,:D

A teacher can never teach unless he is still learning himself.A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame.The teacher who has come to the end of his subjects,who has no living traffic with his knowledge but merely repeats his lesson to his students,can only load their minds.He cannot quicken them.Truth not only must inform but also must inspire.if the inspiration dies out and the information only accumulates,then truth loses its infinity.
-- Shri Rabinderanath Tagore ji
How true are the above lines a Guru is always a learner himself and a learner is a Guru too to my understanding and as per my thoughts.

Guru Nanak our father was a Guru and learner at the same time he traveled around the world not only to teach others but to learn for himself but the question that disturbs my mind is how is this possible being learner and the Guru at the same time is next to impossible a learner has a narrow mind he is in the stage of learning he is confused which thing to accept,which to reject,which to apply and which not to on the other hand a guru is clear minded person who knows what he has to follow and what he has to teach others how can a confused minded person become a Guru?

let us try to find the answer Guru maharaj will help us on our way

A Guru who has a clear mind knows and understand things can easily distinguish between things and hence can accept the good things and reject the evil or bad things or practices and so he can be a learner.

But how can some one be a Guru without first becoming a learner

A learner is a Guru in the sense that he gives everything a test he practices everything or the thing that excites him the most if he is well adjustable with it he accepts and adopts it otherwise he tries the next things.In such a way he teaches himself the lessons of life in the way I'm doing presently:}{}{}:.It would be partially correct if i say Guru Nanak is our Guru (no doubt he is our father) because we don't accept his saying and thought blindly but first put them to a test same is true with rest of the philosophers we admire and respect.

Now let us consider the case of our father Guru Nanak.He was so clear about his thoughts right from his childhood his rejection of the janeu(so called sacred thread) show this in a very good manner.

From the above (self:}{}{}:) discussion it is clear how a Guru is a disciple and a disciple or learner a Guru in a similar fashion each one of us learns and teaches, everyone has a Guru and a disciple inside same is true with Guru Nanak but there is an exception he was a Guru even to the external world.

well done sainty keep it up:thumbup:

~~wald Guru Nanak~~
Jun 1, 2008
Sat shri akal,:D

Thoughts are something that keeps on changing as far as the mind set of a learner is concerned .I still remember when i was 9 i was inspired by the Jain and Buddhist thought of non-violence and not killing animals for flesh and being a good vegetarian but after almost 8 yrs i was inspired by the concept of just war and gradually i understood that killing animals for flesh is not at all a sin.what i mean to say is that a learners thought change people even change their religions even i have followed Sikhism for a few yrs but then thoughts of a learner change and that of a Guru doesn't what if a Guru discovers that he was wrong and that what he had taught to his disciples was wrong by Guru i didn't mean Guru Nanak in particular but all Guru's which you may call as philosophers,prophets etc etc....
How will this Guru tackle this situation?

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