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Guru Nanak, The First Blogger

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Blogs are intimate thoughts of a person who lives in the realm of NIRBHAU, NIRVAIR. Intimate thoughts make us expose our True (inner) nakedness, sans veils of taboos or dogmas.

Guru Nanak did that without feeling ashamed of sharing his intimate thoughts. He showed us how to contemplate on the message whilst detaching ourselves from the messenger.

Tejwant Singh

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
and one innovative way of getting his thoughts through to the joe public was through...
Others have preached..talked down..given talks....
GURU NANAK.....took a different road to get his Message across so people would listen
AT Hardwaar..when the gathered millions were in the Ganga River throwing WATER towards their departed ancestors in the SUN (Eastwards)..Guru nanak waded into the Ganga...and began to THROW WATER towards the OPPOSITE DIRECTION..the WEST !!

Of course He was soon noticed..stopped..and questioned...didnt He know the right way ?
Guur nanak Ji ....having got ythe UNDIVIDED ATTENTION...then began to drive home his message.....WHY do you throw water to the SUN ?? He asked..OH..we are sendign it to our ancestors... IN THAT CASE I am sending water to my FIELDS IN THE PUNJAB...LAUGHTER fills the air..Ha ha ha...what a STUPID ACTION....How can the water you throw REACH Punjab..nearly a thousand miles away ?? asked the devotees...
REALLY ?? Yes they shouted in unison....cnat you see the water dropping back on to your face ??? Then the Punchline delivered by Guru nanak Ji....then HOW can YOUR WATER reach the SUN...MILLIONS of miles away ??
IF that isnt an innovative way of parchaar..I dotn know what is ??
This Modern parchaar method used by Guru nanak ji was the subject of my very First Media article in 1960...in the Nationa l Punjabi Daily..the Malaya Samachar. It was awarded First Prize of RM 100/ by the Granthi Parcharak Sabha Malaya..made my day..BUT on hindsight i reflect..I had merely put into words what my Beloved Guru innovated 500 years before...and Today we BLOG....Guru nanak Ji began blogging in the so called "Dark ages"....


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Gyani ji

This is my favorite of all Sakhis and the one I told my husband when I decided it was definite -- I would be a Sikh. We were having dinner in a restaurant and he wanted to know more about Guru Nanak -- because he had been listening to the English katha of the hukamnama every night as I played it on the computer. "I like this Guru Nanak," he said many many times.

When I told the story of Guru Nanak throwing water to his fields in Punjab, my husband did not laugh. He became very serious. He got it....nothing could sum up better than this sakhi the revolutionary nature and the pure simplicity of Guru Nanak's intelligence.

Anyway, tell this story over and over, if you will. Thanks. It is something of value to blog about.
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