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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Being Asked: How To Know Of The Soul; How Sun Submerges Into The Moon … 17

Discussion in 'Sidh Gosht' started by Ambarsaria, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria Canada
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    Dec 21, 2010
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    In these questions the Sidhs post what is the soul and how to so understand. How the sun so gets absorbed by the moon as we see the light so emanating thereof. Even though the symbolism is of sun and moon the implied reference is to the origin/source as in Sun and its relationship to the recipient as in moon that so inherits some qualities of the source. For example the brightness of the moon coming from the light of the sun.

    Let us review the following,

    Sidhas/Yogis ask:
    Guru Ji’s answers:
    Guru ji state that finding is from within. As one dissipates ego much becomes visible. This is seeing the creator as the source, in such wisdom finding one’s immersion into the source.

    In such states much wisdom is discovered. The origins of it all, the essence of it all, a blissful contentment so pervading as a result. This effect becomes ever lasting for one’s so fortunate to understand.

    What you think?

    Sat Sri Akal.

    PS: Please see the appropriate complete Shabad here,

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  3. Kanwaljit Singh

    Kanwaljit Singh India
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    Jan 29, 2011
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    Just with the sun and moon there are many comparisons to be made. One is that we see sun and moon separate. Moon reflects the light of the sun. We are united with Lord when the sun is lights up within the moon, the Gurbani is absorbed by us.

    Other thing is that the sun is huge and burning hot. The moon is small but a cool body. Sun is full of hot active gases. Moon is solid rock. And here Guru sahib makes us wonder if the moon can absorb the sun?
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  4. Luckysingh

    Luckysingh Canada
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    Dec 4, 2011
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    There are quite a few metaphors used with Sun and moon in gurbani.
    In this shabad Guru Nanak Dev ji also speaks in the yogic lingo when making certain references.

    The Sun can be-
    The fire of Maya
    Raajas (passion) and Taamas (ignorance) Guna
    The mind's faults

    The Moon is used-
    Inner Peace or Poise
    Sahaj Avasthaa (state of pure being and no-ego or dualities)
    Temporary nature of the material world
    Truth, Maya
    Saatav Guna or the quality of Goodness.

    The yogis ask the question-
    "How can the Root,the mool or source of all be realized? How can the Soul know itself? How can the sun enter the house of the moon(sas ghar)?"

    In yogic lingo the Sun can enter the house of the moon which is when the Moon is out in it's Full glory and the sun can't be seen.
    This is usually the days of the full moon.
    In this case it is associated with Sun being of hot and fiery ego of passion and ignorance (raajas and taamas). Whereas the moon because of its cooling and soothing nature is metaphor for the mode of Goodness (Saatav Guna) and the state of Sahaj Avasthaa (the state of no-ego, Pure Being)

    Guru ji replies- By becoming a Gurmukh (Spiritual Being) eliminate the egoism from within; then, O Nanak, you naturally enter the Sahaj Avasthaa--sun (Maya's fire) enters into the home of the moon or Soul Nature.

    Just like the sun can't be seen when the moon is out in it's full glory, then man's quality of passion and ignorance ("sun") enter into the quality of Goodness ("moon"), the qualities of passion and ignorance fade away and the quality of Goodness becomes dominant.
    When Egoism or all modes of maya can be transcended then one becomes in the state of Pure-being.

    Also, the ''Sun' is used as metaphor for Self-knowledge, Divine Light and Divine Understanding.
    Similarly, the moon indicates Spiritual darkness.
    When the "sun" of True Knowledge and Understanding enters the "moon" (of Spiritual darkness), the Divine light or jyot shines forth. And God stands Realised!
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  5. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Scarlet Pimpernel
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    We seek him here,we sikh
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    May 31, 2011
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    How does the Moon body hold the Sun soul?
  6. Luckysingh

    Luckysingh Canada
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    Writer SPNer

    Dec 4, 2011
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    When there is no hot,fiery maya and ego.
    The pureness that remains resembles the calmness of moon body!
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