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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Being Asked: How The Moon Shines While Inside Dark, The Sun Keeps The Heat Inside,

Discussion in 'Sidh Gosht' started by Ambarsaria, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria Canada
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    Dec 21, 2010
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    In this series of questions we not only note the brilliance of answers but also equal brilliance of questions posed by the Sidhs. How does moon shine while dark inside, the sun keeps all this heat buried inside, in the same vein how can walk away from the cares of death and be in salvation and the wisdom that so enables.

    Let us review the following,

    Sidhas/Yogis ask:
    Guru Ji’s answers:

    Note: Please note that I below have truncated the full listing of the Gurbani for presentation purposes and the full parts are available in the referenced threads at the end of this post.
    Guru ji describe that brilliance comes from seeking and acquiring the wisdom of the creator. One immerses in this wisdom and reaches the highest of states. Guru ji emphasize that this state of wisdom and enlightenment is not a stop and go activity. Once one so acquires there is no mental sleep away from this enlightenment. The time becomes not of the essence whether worldly like in death or virtually as in sleep.

    We so lose ourselves to wisdom that there lies salvation.

    In summary, whereas the questions of Sidhs point to the physical phenomenon the Guru ji take hold of the deeper questions buried there in. The question is not about the science of moon or the sun. It is about the shining of the soul with wisdom. It is the intensity of energy within that comes from wisdom. Therein one does not feel separate from the creator and all creation as differences dissipate.

    What you think?

    Sat Sri Akal.

    PS: Please see the appropriate complete Shabad here,

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  3. Luckysingh

    Luckysingh Canada
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    Dec 4, 2011
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    Re: Guru Nanak Explains: Through Wisdom the Moon Enlightens the Dark, the Sun Warms Within, the Warrior Conquers Death.

    Firstly, the mention and acknowledgment of the moon getting it's light from the sun as it has no light of it's own, is itself one good reaon that can tell us about how close sikhism has been to science.
    As I believe that only in this century has it been confirmed that the moon does not emit light from itself and it is all from the sun.
    However, I am aware that the koran also stated something very similar many many centuries before.
    The bible on the other hand stated the opposite from what I gather.
    The point is not about who came up with it first, may be the influence of the koran was much more than the bible and awareness for Guru Nanak Ji was from this source, ..Whatever.... But the point is that it was believed and was not some theory at the time.

    Moving on, what does the moon represent and what does the sun represent ?
    I usually ask myself these questions when faced with such metaphors.

    In this case the moon is like the mind within us and the sun is the heat and light from the almighty Lord.
    The question asked is simply-
    - How can the mind(moon) be illuminated or lit up if it is in the 'ghar' of cold and darkness?
    AND - In what manner or way does the sun's heat and light blaze ?

    The reply by Guru ji to put it simply is-
    - Speaking or uttering the shabad or God's name (shabd bhakat) the light of the mind (moon) is illuminated infinitely.
    The reply to the 2nd part of how does this sun blaze in there is,-
    - When the sun resides in this house of the moon (sas ghar sur vasai), then the darkness is eliminated and the light is lit.(mitthai andairha)
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