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Guru Nanak And Muhammad

Apr 12, 2007
Yeh I'm talking about the zafarnama and Babu Jager Nath's interpretation. Not the Guru Granth Sahib ji. Sorry but if you are a king writing to a king and after the message two dynamic dynasties come to a finish, and nobody wins are you calling them both students or calculated tacticians? Who is making Sikhism more importantly a nation like India look weak Guru Gobind and Aurengzeb or a translator like Babu Jager Nath. I would think that within that message there would have definitely been something of greater importance hidden. Gur fathe! In the Guru Granth Sahib ji there is no mention in the Granth but there is many word's attributed to God and in that is Allah also mentioned but any relevant shabad we use has equal relevance and importance as it is equally measured in the granth same to all. I'm not going to sit back and say that this shabad is more important than that shabad what I would say is that a message of Waheguru how ever perceived is a harmonious peaceful message of humanity. You cannot divide something that never started off dividing Hindu, Muslim, Sikh whatever category you place people in humanity as that would be your own downfall Sir. Power is not in the opinion if the opinions lack results. Guru Nanak individually grew Sikhism by the thousands and with the wrong direction punjab lost thousands of Sikhs in one year. Let the truth exist. Please wake up. God bless all.
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