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guru ji is within and never existed outside


May 28, 2024
Kaia nagar nagar har basio mat gurmat har har sahe.

The body is the city where the Lord dwells. Through the Guru's teachings, the mind is guided and imbued with the Lord, Har Har.

Sarir sarovar nam har pargatio ghar mandar har prabh lahe

Within the body-lake, the Name of the Lord has manifested. In the home of the heart, the temple of the Lord God is realized.


Satgur seve sada sukh paae

By using the truth guru, one always obtains peace

Satgur alakh dita lakhai

The truth guru gives the vision of the Invisible (God)

Manmukh mugadh bujhai nahi

The external worshipper manmukh does not understand

bahar bhalan jaai

and goes searching outside (for external gurus, external divinity)

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