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Guru Granth Sahib And A Clothing ?


Nov 29, 2014
Southeastern Wisconsin
I'm looking for one to own and read. I figured here would be the best place to ask for recommendations.

And my clothing question revolves around the salwar kameez. I bought a few for gurdwara but would it be out of place for me to wear them all the time? They're so amazingly comfortable and I would get rid of most of my western clothing to wear these all the time! I have a lot of trouble with western clothes anyway; they don't tend to fit my body as well as the kameez does. :grinningkudi: Also: What kind of shoes do I wear with them if I'm at school or other places like that? It's winter in Wisconsin and there's enough snow to require boots. I suppose I could just change into flats.

Brother Onam

Jul 11, 2012
In India, salwar kameez are worn everywhere; there need be no special garments just for gurudwara. As long as it's clean and respectful, kameez may be worn at worship and anywhere else.


May 9, 2006
Liz Ji

Welcome to the forum.

You can purchase English translations of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in several volumes only. My sincere recommendation is to download a Gurbani App for a smart device - phone or tablet. My personal favourite is called Dhur Ki Bani. It allows you to place a bookmark so you can easily return to the page you were reading.

Online, one of the better sites is

When it comes to hard copies it is usually more convenient to have a gutka containing certain shabads - like a nitnem gutka (with a selection of recommended 'daily' shabads), a Sukhmani Sahib gutka, etc.

Regarding clothing, I always wear flip-flops with my salwar kameez, but it never snows where I live. Your best bet is to observe what the other ladies are wearing. Obviously it doesn't matter when you're in the Gurdwara Sahib as everyone will have taken their shoes off.

Don't fall into the trap of equating Sikhi with Punjabi culture. You do not need salwar kameez to be Sikh. There is no shame in decent western clothing. But salwar kameez really is more comfy, especially for sitting on the Gurdwara floor!

A tip for your salwar kameez is to get some little hair clips (the kind with teeth that bite together) so you can clip your chunni (scarf) to your hair so it doesn't constantly slip off your head in darbar sahib.

Best wishes

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