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Guru And Waheguru

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I have done several things this week, one of the most important to me is the acceptance and naming of the two invisible forces that I now accept are shaping me.

    I have come to accept that the voice in my head is the voice of the Guru. A miraculous feat whereby wisdom is present and ready to be used. To say though, that the Guru is my mind would be wrong, my mind has the Guru as a reference point. The Guru is me in all my shining glory, someone that I could be, if I could only tune my brain to its vibration, that is an exciting thought!

    That would mean then that the Shabad Guru is the written word of the living Guru's by the form of Bani, and Waheguru is the huge nothingness/everythingness that is all around us and in every living thing.

    I have come to accept that this tiny drop of Guru in my head will give me some indication as to the qualities of Waheguru, and by knowing myself and being true to myself as per Guru, the possibility of understanding Waheguru is more of a reality.

    For the last 2 nights I have slept alone, the NHS has decided that it wants to work my dear wife till she can barely stand up, and with 5 of us in bed (me, wife, virgil, dan, alfie), I have started sleeping in the downstairs bedroom with dan and virgil to allow her to get some much needed sleep. 2 nights ago, I had a recurring dream that I was a laptop but with no battery unit, and yesterday, everytime I woke up in the night, I was chanting Waheguru although I cannot remember my dreams, rather than feel I am making huge progress, in fact I feel I am not even at the starting line.

    The subject of Guru and Waheguru is a fascinating one, I meditate on the questions constantly, walking the dogs is a good time, as it allows me to show my love for gods creation, see the trees, the sky, watch the circle of life, be part of it, all the while asking the questions, thinking of the answers,

    We have started to eat very simple food of late, its funny, but as a habit, rich food is very easy to get rid off, we have both started to lose weight, and I have taken to sparkling cheap mineral water rather than beer and jacket potatoes rather than aloo prontha, food has become something that fuels us, not a huge sensory orgy, I am even finding it easier to focus on the moment, the dogs, my wife, my work, my parents, rather than what could be, its a wonderful life [​IMG]
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