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Learn Punjabi Gurmukhi Alphabet, Handwriting, From Billie Grosse The Font-maker


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

Handwritten Gurmukhi . . .
Now that you know how to write Gurmukhi in a Gurbani style, you can develop your own handwriting.

Like handwriting with Roman characters, there are some differences and, like handwriting with Roman characters, they relate mainly to increased speed.

This section of the website has eleven pages in it: one for each row of the Gurmukhi alphabet and the paer-bindi forms; one for the vowels, one for the additional markings and one for the numbers, like so...

You will have to go to this link to see the interactive panel for choosing handwriting fonts.

Handwritten Gurmukhi :: Billie the cat

...which you will see in a vertical form on the right of each of these pages. Letters are in orange; vowels and other markings are in green; and, numbers are in blue. Just hover the mouse above each image to see what it is, if you have any doubts and click on it to take you there.

You already know how to write the Gurbani-style characters, you know the order that they are written in and you know what they sound like as well. So here, we are just concentrating on how they look when you write them down. Here is the alphabet in its usual rows...


Above is an example of a sentence in Punjabi, first of all, handwritten (using the GHW Dukandar font that you can find on this site), then written in the Gurbani-style Gurmukhi and then a tanslation of this extremely useful sentence into English, using Roman text.

In addition to the GHW Dukandar font, there is also a comfortable intermediate handwritten style font called GHW Adhiapak and, as you can see in the lower line of text below, a formal font, which is based upon GHW Dukandar, called Rupe which has 22 different forms including hollow and border styles.

[SIZE=-1]Below, you can see an example of GHW Dukandar on top and the same text in Rupe below it...[/SIZE]

These are all a free, TrueType fonts that you can download from this site. With the font installed, type in the text the way you would anyway, and then switch fonts to see what they look like.
Have fun.
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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Mnay many THANKS JI..this is good...i still remember the long gone days when we had ONLY ONE Gurmukhi FONT...Anandpur Sahib from Maboli Systems of USA and it was SOLD at USD 200 each disk. It installed with a special installer...and each time the system crashed..and Windows 3 crashed often....changed hard disk..reisntall all over agian..and IFthe disk became unreadable..too bad...buy another set..then the Maboli came out with JEHLUM FONT variation...and thats that for ages..until the Gurbani CD by DR Thind came along and gave out FREE FONTS...killed the Anadpur/Jhelim Buisness. Then onw we had multiple gurmukhi fornts and all FREE.:D:D:D:D:D BUT we STILL have the INCOMPATIBILITY problem..each font ses a diffeent keybaortd layout...now the UNICODE solves many such problems...:D:D:D