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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Many thanks ji!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how thrilled i was to see you had posted this shabad on facebook. I replied that is probably the first shabad that put me on the path. It is hard to stay on that path, but the words of this shabad are continual encouragement. The voices are celestial. One cannot exaggerate how beautiful they are.


Jan 22, 2005
S. Manbir Ji

I love it. I have a suggestion and wonder if you could ponder over it. Please adjust the timing of sub-title so that immediately when sabd start sub title is on the screen. Further I wonder if sub-titles are printed in karoakee so that I can also sing along with same tune.
Best regards
Sep 4, 2005
Punjab, India
japjisahib04 ji

The text matter and the translations are part of the video. There is no separate tract as such for the text. Thus it cannot be separated after the video file is made. Yes the timings of the text can be adjusted during the making of the videos.

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