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Gurmat Giaan

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by SAINT AND SOLDIER, Mar 18, 2007.


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    Mar 11, 2007
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    In What Condition Does The Family Live When In The Mother's Womb?
    What Instructions Are Imparted To The Mind While Still In Mother's
    Womb About The Subtle,invisible,inner Play That Is To Be Played By It
    During Its Sojourn On The Planet Earth?
    Dharam Rai, Chitragupt And Mind Live Together In The Mother's Womb.
    They All Remain Attuned To And Absorbed In The Melodies Of The Divine
    Music That Reverberates Within Our Subtle Body. Absorbed In The
    Divine Naam They Are Always In Bliss And Do Naam Simaran With Each
    And Every Breath( Constantly Meditate On The Holy Name).
    Jaise Janani Jathar Mah Praanee Uha Rahataa Naam Adhaar
    anand Karai Saas Saas Samaarai Na Pohai Agnaar (page 379)
    God Tells Mind That Because Of Its Attunement With Naam,the Fire
    Within The Mother's Womb Could Cause Injury To Or Harm The Spiritual
    Family If It Loses Its State Of Attunement To The Shabad(naam).when
    The Formless God Severs His Connection, The Spiritual Family
    Experience Pain And Suffering From The Heat Of The Fire Within The
    Womb.at That Time The Excruciating Pain Makes It Feel As If It Has
    Been Seprated From The Father For A Long Period Of Fifty Years.
    Ik Pal Khin Visreh Tu Soami Janahu Baras
    Pachaasaa ( Page601)
    Humble And Reverent Prayer By The Spiritual Family Helps To Re-
    Establish The Divine Connection.the Family Is Given This Training Of
    Separation From And Union With The Formless God Time And Again,so
    That, The Divine Family May Not Forget Their Father When At Berth
    They Embark On A Worldly Journey. Through The Guru's Word We Are
    Jaisee Agan Udar Mah Taisiee Baahar Maa-i-ya
    Maa-i-ya Agan Sabh Eko Jehi Kartai Khel
    Rachaa-i-aa (page 921)
    Within The Mother's Womb The Family Remains Attuned To God Through
    Constant Simaran (meditation).when Still In State Of Perfect
    Attunement Before Birth, God Tells The Mind Through His Divine Word:
    Khat Nem Kar Kotharee Baandhee Vastu Anoop Beech Paaee
    Kunjee Kulf Praan Kar Raakhe Karte Baar Na Laaiee
    Ab Mann Jaagat Raho Re Bhaee
    Gaafil Hoe Kai Janam Gavaa-io Chor Musai Ghar Jaaee Ii Rahao Ii
    Panch Paharouaa Dar Mah Rahte Tin Kaa
    Nahee Pateeaaraa
    Chet Suchet Chit Hoe Raho Tao Lai Pargas
    Nau Ghar Dekh Jo Kaaman Bhoolee Vast
    Anoop Na Paee
    Kahat Kabir Navai Ghar Moose Dasvain Tat Samaaee (page339)
    God Tells The Mind That On The Foundation Of A Round Pillar With Six
    Chakras(plexus Or Energy Centers)his Bodily House Has Been Built.a
    Predetermined Quantity Of Precious Capital Has Been Placed Within.
    When In The Meterial Universe,the Mind Must Not Become Casual And
    Careless. Remaining Perfectly Awake, The Precious Capital Must Be
    Spent With Utmost Care And Caution. When Stepping Out Of The
    Home,there Would Be Five Thieves Pretending To Be Safe Guarding The
    Home(body).they Must Not Be Believed Or Relied Upon;otherwise,they
    Will Rob Jeeva's Precious Capital.
    He Should Venture Out Under The Protection Of The Shabad. At
    Birth,nine Doors Will Open And The Thieves (lust,anger,
    Greed,attechment And Ego)would Be Able To Enter And Leave This House
    At Will. For This Very Reason Jeeva Must Close The Nine Doors(nine
    Openings In The Body)and Enter The Tenth To Find Naam(the Precious
    Capital And Source Of Bliss).having Imparted This Spiritual
    Knowledge,the Mind Is Made To Embark Upon A Journey In To The Material

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