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Gurmat Giaan

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by SAINT AND SOLDIER, Mar 17, 2007.


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    Mar 11, 2007
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    How Is Our Body Formed In The Mother's Womb And What Role Does The
    Paon(the Vital Life-breath) Play In It?

    In The Mother's Womb,the Human Body Is Formed In Four Systematic
    Stages Or Khands(regions)--dharam Khand,gyaan Khand, Saram Khand And
    Karam Khand.in Japuji Sahib,guru Nanak Dev Describes Four Khands In

    Dharam Khand Kaa Eho Dharam
    Gyaan Khand Ka Aakhah Karam
    Kete Pawan Paanee Baisantar Kete Kaan Mahesh
    Kete Barhme Ghaarat Ghareah Roop Rang Ke Ves
    Keteeaa Karam Bhoomee Mer Kete Kete Dhoo Updes
    Kete Ind Chand Soor Kete Kete Mandal Des
    Kete Sidh Buddh Naath Kete Kete Devee Ves
    Kete Dev Danav Mun Kete Kete Ratan Samund
    Ketiaa Surtee Sewak Kete Naanak Ant Na Ant
    Gyaan Khand Mah Gyaan Parchand
    Tithai Naad Binod Kod anand
    Saram Khand Kee Baani Roop
    Tithai Ghaarat Ghareeai Bahut Anoop
    Ta Keea Galla Katheea Na Jahee
    Je Ko Kahai Pichhai Pachhtaae
    Tithai Ghareeai Surat Matt Man Budh
    Tithai Ghareeai Suraa Sidhaa Kee Sudh( Page 7)

    Gurbani Explains And Illustrates This With Examples From The Gross
    Physical World.the River Waters Of The Ganges, Jamuna And Saraswati
    Have Their Confluence At Allahabad. Like The Current Of Their Flowing
    Waters,a Connecting Current Of Vital Air Has Been Established Within
    Our Body At The Navel Axis. This Vital Air Flows Through Two Subtle
    Channels Located On Either Side Of Human Spine And One Within The
    Spine.these Channels Are Called Ida , Pingula , And Sukhmana. At Many
    Places In Gurbani These Have Been Called The Ganges,jamuna And
    Saraswati.when The Vital Air Enters These,it Is Cold And Is Called
    Chand(moon).the Vital Air Is Hot When Leaving These Channels And Is
    Called Suraj (the Sun).

    The Ida,pingula And Sukhmana Have Their Confluence At A Point On Our
    Lower Forehead Between The Two Eyes.this Point Is Called Trikuti(the
    Confluenceof The Three).here The Sukhmana Gets Closed. The Flow Of
    The Vital Air Becomes Uneven.sometimes The Flow Is More Through Ida
    And Sometimes It Is More Through The Pingula.because Of This Uneven
    Flow It Is Called Bikham Nadee( The Terrible, Turbulent Stream)
    Because Of The Disturbed Equilibrium All Previous Memories Are
    Lost.the Confluence Of Ida And Pingula Is Called Prayag(the Holy
    Place Of Pilgrimage);hence, It Is Also Called Teerath.the Shabad (
    The Holy Word) Becomes Manifested Here.it Is Called The Divine Light
    Or The Holy Naam. Because Of The Manifesting Shabad, This Place Of
    Pilgrimage I Called Amritsar(the Pool Of Nectar)in Gurbani.next To It
    Is The Hari Mandir Also Called Gurudwara. Day And Night The Unstruck
    Melody (the Anahat Naad)reverberates Here At The Time Of Birth Our
    Connection With Dharan (the Umbilicus)gets Severed.at That Time The
    Nine Doors Open And The Sukhmana Gets Closed.the Distance Between
    Where The Sukhmana Gets Closed Between The Two Eyes And The Dharan
    (umbilicus)is Called Bhavsagar (the Terrible World Ocean).this World
    Ocean Has To Be Crossed Through Shabad Surat Practice(attuning Of
    Consciousness With The Sound Current Of Gurumantra).the Vital Air
    Helps In Connecting The Two Shores Of The Bhavsagar.

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