Group Wants Sikhs To Get With The Times And Prevent Youth From Joining Gangs


1947-2014 (Archived)
VANCOUVER - A spokesman for a Sikh group says it's time North America's oldest Sikh temple society modernized century-old traditions to prevent young people from joining gangs.

Jatinder Singh of Sikh Youth Vancouver says the Khalsa Diwan Society is stuck in old-school thinking that's keeping youth away.

His group recently launched legal action against the society after questioning the transparency of its membership process at a Sikh temple.

Singh says the two sides have now complied with a B.C. Supreme Court judge's order to agree on a third-party administrator who would oversee membership procedures before an election at the Ross Street Gurdwara.

He says Sikh youth are disengaged and need to connect with their culture and religion, but the society has not agreed to meet with his group to institute changes.

Kesar Bhatti, the society's senior vice-president, has said Singh's group is merely trying to take control of the temple and its money.

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