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Great Is The Greatness Of The Lord

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichaar' started by Sardara123, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    We need to realize the Greatness and Glory of the God Lord Waheguru. Guru Ji tells us about His Glory again and again. Singing (Kirtan) of the Lord's Praise(Gurbani) is Great.

    Leave all the other talks and engross ourselves in Gurbani- The Word of God.

    English Translation(source:SikhiToTheMax)
    Shalok, Third Mehl:
    Burn the pen, and burn the ink; burn the paper as well.
    Burn the writer who writes in the love of duality.
    O Nanak, people do what is pre-ordained; they cannot do anything else. ||1||

    Third Mehl:
    False is other reading, and false is other speaking, in the love of Maya.
    O Nanak, without the Name, nothing is permanent; those who read and read are ruined. ||2||

    Great is the Greatness of the Lord, and the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises.
    Great is the Greatness of the Lord; His Justice is totally Righteous.
    Great is the Greatness of the Lord; people receive the fruits of the soul.
    Great is the Greatness of the Lord; He does not hear the words of the back-biters.
    Great is the Greatness of the Lord; He gives His Gifts without being asked. ||6||

    source: SikhiToTheMax

    Punjabi Translation(source:SikhiToTheMax)
    sV jwey auh klm; smyq dvwq dy, qy auh kwgq BI sV jwey, ilKx vwlw BI sV mry, ijs ny (inrw) mwieAw dy ipAwr dw lyKw iliKAw hY, (ikauNik) hy nwnk! (jIv) auhI kuJ kmWdw hY, jo (sMskwr Awpxy cMgy mMdy kIqy kMmW Anuswr) pihlW qoN (Awpxy ihrdy auqy) ilKI jWdw hY, (jIv) ies dy ault kuJ nhIN kr skdw [1[
    hor (mwieAw sMbMDI) pVHnw ivArQ au~dm hY, hor bolxw (BI) ivArQ (ikauNik ieh au~dm) mwieAw nwil ipAwr (vDwaNudy hn) hy nwnk! pRBU dy nwm qoN ibnw koeI BI sdw nhIN rihxw (Bwv, sdw nwl nhIN inBxw), (ies vwsqy) jy koeI hor pVHnIAW hI pVHdw hY ^uAwr huMdw hY [2[
    ijs hrI dw Drm dw inAW hY, ausdI is&iq-swlwh qy ausdw kIrqn krnw—ieho (jIv leI) v`fI (krxI) hY [ hrI dI vifAweI krnI sB qoN cMgw kMm hY (ikauNik) jIv dw (AslI) Pl (hI ieho) hY (Bwv jnm-mnorQ hI iehI hY) [ jo pRBU cugl dI g`l vl kMn nhIN Drdw, aus dI is&iq krnI v`fI krxI hY [ jo pRBU ikso ƒ pu`C ky dwn nhIN dyNdw aus dI vifAweI au~qm kMm hY [6[
    Source: http://www.gurugranthdarpan.com/darpan2/0084.html

    Guru Shabad:
    slok mÚ 3 ]
    klm jlau sxu msvwxIAY kwgdu BI jil jwau ]
    ilKx vwlw jil blau ijin iliKAw dUjw Bwau ]
    nwnk pUrib iliKAw kmwvxw Avru n krxw jwie ]1]

    mÚ 3 ]
    horu kUVu pVxw kUVu bolxw mwieAw nwil ipAwru ]
    nwnk ivxu nwvY ko iQru nhI piV piV hoie KuAwru ]2]

    pauVI ]
    hir kI vifAweI vfI hY hir kIrqnu hir kw ]
    hir kI vifAweI vfI hY jw inAwau hY Drm kw ]
    hir kI vifAweI vfI hY jw Plu hY jIA kw ]
    hir kI vifAweI vfI hY jw n suxeI kihAw cugl kw ]
    hir kI vifAweI vfI hY ApuiCAw dwnu dyvkw ]6]
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