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UK GP Used Secret Camera To Film Sex Abuse On 200 Female Patients


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The NHS’s worst sex offender? GP used secret camera in watch to film sex abuse on 200 female patients

by Paul Peachey


A family doctor faces jail after secretly recording more than 200 women and girls using a tiny camera hidden inside his wristwatch during years of abuse at his surgery.

Dr Davinderjit Bains, 45, had three secret cameras at his home and surgery and sexually assaulted women during unnecessarily intimate examinations behind the closed door of his treatment room.

The GP filmed the attacks on a £60 watch with a camera hidden in the face and then downloaded them on to his computer. Experts discovered 361 clips of more than 200 women and teenage girls. Police believe they have traced all of the women filmed using records from his practice at Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. He downloaded the pictures for his own sexual gratification and there was no evidence that he had shared the pictures online with anyone else.

Bains admitted 39 offences against 30 women, aged 14 to 51, in two years to May 2012 and asked for another 65 to be taken into consideration when he is sentenced at a later date, Swindon Crown Court was told.

The investigation into Bains started after police were tipped off by a 19-year-old lodger at his Swindon home, who fled after she feared the doctor had filmed her while she was having a shower.

Bains had told the teenager never to move a watch that she found in the bathroom. She fled with a clock from her bedroom that she also suspected was being used to spy on her – and was found to contain a hidden camera.

Detectives then went to his practice, Tinkers Lane Surgery, and seized a second watch that he used to record his patients.

Two women detectives went through the recovered footage to try to work out who had been abused by the doctor. “They then had the task of identifying the victims and letting them know the horrible truth that the intimate examinations they had undergone had been secretly filmed by their doctor,” said Detective Inspector Mark Garrett, who headed the inquiry.

Bains was remanded in custody to await sentencing once reports have been prepared. He has been suspended from practising by the General Medical Council.


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
What a big blot on Sikhs and medical profession. And this guy never thought about honor of either orders before going ahead with his. He thought he will never be caught. But your words generally give out the truth. Are humans inherently immoral? Specially if there is no authority around?



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