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Ghai Family Stays True To Sikh Tradition


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
LUDHIANA: It was a proud moment for brothers Ravinder Singh and Gurcharan Singh of Ghai family as they celebrated 'dastar bandi' (tying turban for the first-time) of their sons Japnoor Singh and Onkaar Singh on Monday. The function was held at Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha in Sarabha Nagar.

Residents of BRS Nagar, Japnoor Singh and Onkaar Singh, used to wear a patka. But with the Dastar-Bandi, they would now wear the Sikh turban. The 10-year-old cousins, Japnoor and Onkaar, study in Guru Nanak Public School and Sacred Heart, respectively.

Their families had planned each detail of the occasion meticulously as for this occasion they organised akhand-path for three days and concluded it with bhog ceremony at 9am at their residence, followed by 'dastar bandi' at gurdwara from 10am to 3pm.

Their grandmother Harjeet Kaur lovingly selected a rumala sahib and offered it to Guru Granth Sahib. The maternal grandparents, Jasbir Singh and Kuldeep Kaur of Japnoor gifted him gold chain and said, ''I believe its all God's grace that my grandson is preferring to wear turban and not opting for trimming his hair. As it is the symbol of Sikh religion and young generation should aspire to respect and guard this symbolic gesture.''

The family received over 300 guests at the function that began at 10am. Especially for this occasion, Ravinder Singh and Gurcharan Singh invited a devotional troupe of Bhai Davinder Singh from Sohana who subsequently performed kirtan and later tied turbans of the duo brothers. The priest also interpreted the verses of Gurubani and highlighted the history of turban to the gathering.

The duos aunt Manmeet Kaur and her family came down from Patiala to bless the cousins and gifted sweets and clothes to them. While Ravinder's brother, Gurmeet Singh and his wife Jyoti Kaur also came down from Dugri to bless his nephews. One guest Himmant Singh of Model Town said, ''Such ceremonies encourage the youth to understand the significance of turban in Sikh religion and it was a pleasure to attend this function.''

While duo brothers received most precious gift of a small holy book of gurubani from their friend Jashan Singh of Model Town extension.



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