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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
ksnagra13 said:
Yes, there are few things that aren't proven by evolution, but regardless the evidence for evolution heavily outweighs the evidence against. and these are usually sooner or later proven by evolution.

and regarding the man in Brazil, iam sorry to say but you have the wrong understanding. It clearly says in the quran the non-muslims will go to hell and many muslims i talk to agree. Some muslims will say what you say, because they know how absurd it would sound to say that he'll go to hell, but nothing in the Quran backs this claim up.

Also regarding fate. Lets look at things rationally. Most people usually follow the religion their born into. Heres a stat to consider, Jewish people lose the most people to other religion. (1 in every 4 new born Jews convert to another religion), but nevertheless 75% of new born Jews stick with religion. So now to say that all non-muslims are going to hell, doesn't that sound absurd too you. Look at how many great, peaceful people there are out there. Is Mother Thersea going to hell, is Dala Lami going to hell.

Now the last thing, you talk about how Western society isn't good. Lets look at most of the muslim countries, not just Saudia Arabia. What happens there, girls get raped, and then they get stoned to death because they had sex out of wedlock. Do you ever hear about guys getting stoned to death. Amnesty has reported many cases of this occuring. Also Iam not promoting the Western way of life, but the great thing about it is, they let you live how you want to live. Not everyone drinks, smokes, acts slutting, there are many people out there that are exact opposite. Another thing I find really odd, is that usually put down the Western way of life, yet they all migrate here. Why is that. There are many muslim countries out there, iam sure one of them will let you in.

I hope Iam not sounding rude or anything, just letting you know how other people think.
1. The Theory of Evolution has been proved much more than what people beleive... animals like Dinasours etc which have been on Earth for long periods have left behind solid evidence of evolution...BUT MAN is hard to prove becasue MAN has been on this earth for a very very short time...comparatively speaking. IF we take the earth to be ONE YEAR has been here for only a SECOND..and that is a split second !! There are everyday proofs of "evolutionary changes" like when butterflies change colour according to nature/changes in environment..virus mutate etc.
2. The moment you CHANGE your religion..YOU "ACCUSE" GOD of having been WRONG/Made a MISTAKE..for isnt it GOD who made you to be born into whatever religion HE CHOSE for YOU ?? interesting ?? maybe. THIS is ONE REASON why the SIKH GURUS NEVER PROPOGATED CONVERSION...GURBANI tells a MUSLIM to be a GOOD MUSLIM..and a HINDU to be a GOOD HINDU..NO where does any writer of GURBANI..from Guru nanak to SHEIKH FARID or any HINDU SAINT, ever say NON-SIKHS, NON-BELIEVERS will go to HELL if they dont convert ot Sikhi.
3. In Islamic Countries you often hear of women being stoned to death for being RAPED..that is because a WOMAN that has been raped carries the PROOF of it in her womb..BUT for the MAN ACCUSED of this, the Islamic law requires FOUR MEN of GOOD CHARACTER to WITTNESS the RAPE...before the man can be convicted...( ALL this begs the question What are the "men of Good character" doing WATCHING while this heinous crime occurs ??.. The solution is easy.... When FOUR men "of good character" are merely WATCHING..then it stands to reason they will soon JOIN in the FUN....that is why it is always the WOMAN who gets raped and convicted for it in any Muslim Country. IF ever a man is convicted of RAPE in a MUSLIM COUNTRY like Malaysia it is UNDER CIVIL LAWS and not Shariah laws.
4. There are plenty of "asylum seekers" from muslim countries seeking asylum in the DIRTY SATAN INFLUENCED Western fact MUSLIMS make up the greatest number of asylum seekers to USA/Canada/UK/Australia..and the most refugees and illegals entering these countries are MUSLIMS...double standards ?? maybe.

Jarnail Singh

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