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Sikh News Gatka Akara In Amritsar Keeps Tradition Alive:

Jun 1, 2004
Gatka Akara in Amritsar keeps tradition alive:
[India News]: Amritsar Nov. 8 : Amritsar, the northern city of India is also popularly knows as the city of "the golden temple", a center of religious wealth and the greatest symbol of heritage blessed. Besides the monuments of rich cultural value there are lots of other traditional customs and culture, have the equal heritage status, are been keep alive by the people of Amritsar.

Like the Tackwando, Judo, Kugfue Sikh has there own martial art, "Gatka" an exercise for disciplining the mind and the body. To keep there traditional game " Gatka" alive a organization in Amritsar 'Sri Gurur Ram Dass Shiromani Gatka Akara'. This organization in Amritsar runs a 'Gatka Akhara' (a training ring) that is meant for the wellbeing of youth in particular.

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