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General Garbage In = Garbage Out: Why You Need To Control What You Allow Into Your Life


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Garbage In = Garbage Out: Why You Need To Control What You Allow Into Your Life
by Karen Ruby

Garbage In = Garbage Out. GIGO.

As a former computer programmer, I’m very familiar with this term, but just in case you’re not, GIGO means that with imprecise or faulty data coming into your computer, the system will process it and will output imprecise and faulty data.

Computers are very dumb. They do exactly what you tell them to do. If you give them garbage data or information, they will use that information and spew out garbage back to you. GIGO.

You need to be smarter than a dumb piece of machinery. You need to control what you are choosing to enter into your life.

Are you allowing garbage into your life?

What does GIGO really mean to you?

Are you allowing the very best information that you can into your life?

The internet has revolutionized data so much so that if you want to know anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, on earth, the internet will be able to give you that data. Is the data correct? Is it of quality? Is it worth your valuable time? Is it just plain wrong?

It’s up to you to decide whether the data you are taking into your life is garbage. Any garbage data coming in may affect your decisions so it’s very important to have the best and highest quality of information. Be critical of any information that you find on the internet. Get a second opinion. Seek out experts. Refer to multiple sources. Garbage In = Garbage Out.

Are you allowing the very best food into your life?

Eating unhealthy food (e.g. garbage) also needs to be controlled. Don’t you think that over time eating unhealthy food will catch up with you?

Sure, eating a chocolate bar or having ice cream or drinking sugary pop every day would be nice, but what kind of signal are you sending to your body? You’re basically telling yourself that you think that that’s all you are worth – unhealthy and fattening food.

Don’t you think you are worth the very best and most healthy food that you can afford? It’s amazing how much energy you have and how clear your thoughts are when your body is fed healthy food, rather than a constant stream of garbage. Garbage In = Garbage Out.

Are you allowing the very best people into your life?

The people we hang around with and associate with during our daily lives have the most impact on our lives. How can they not affect us?

As human beings, we are social creatures. Look around at the people with who you spend the majority of your time. Do your peers support you and empower you? Are they trying to grow as human beings? Or, are they static in their lives and comfortable playing the victim?

You know who I mean. Don’t you know someone in your life who is in the same situation for the last decade (or longer) who is not actively trying to improve themselves because they think that the world owes them? They are comfortable with the immaturity of youth and are safe in their victim mode. Time marches on for every one else, except for these people.

Do you think that if you hang around with people who are victims and who are negative, that that mentality won’t rub off onto you? Sure it would! It is so much better to be around people who are optimistic about life and who inspire you rather than people who are dream stealers or worse, have no dreams at all. I wrote about this during our Just For Today Challenge, Day 26: Examine Your Peer Group. If you haven’t read that article, please do so. Garbage In = Garbage Out. (Just to be clear, I’m not saying that any one person is garbage – just the data that comes into your sphere is garbage to your life.)

Are you allowing the very best thoughts into your life?

What are you telling yourself each day? Is it that you aren’t as smart as the next person or that you’ll never be financially secure? Do you tell yourself that you are tried of struggling and that no one will ever love you? It’s so easy for that little voice in our heads to go through the whole negative loop of how we are Not Enough. Not smart enough. Not good enough. Not skinny enough. Not rich enough. Not beautiful enough. Not handsome enough. Not young enough. Not old enough. You Are More Than Good Enough Already. Stop with the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Start allowing only healthy and empowering thoughts into your life. Garbage In = Garbage Out.

What other ways can you control the amount of garbage into your life?

What about reading only the best and most incredible books. If you watch TV, try only watching the most breathtaking and inspiring movies or TV shows. Start listening to the best quality music or audio files that you can find. Remember, Garbage In = Garbage Out.

What are you doing (or plan to do) in your life right now to control the garbage coming into your life? Share with us by leaving a comment. Thanks!

- http://www.ameaningfulexistence.com...eed-to-control-what-you-allow-into-your-life/



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