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Garab Na Keejay Raen Hoveejay

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    rwgu sUhI CMq mhlw 5 Gru 3
    <> siqgur pRswid ]
    qU Twkuro bYrwgro mY jyhI Gx cyrI rwm ]
    qUM swgro rqnwgro hau swr n jwxw qyrI rwm ]
    swr n jwxw qU vf dwxw kir imhrMmiq sWeI ]
    ikrpw kIjY sw miq dIjY AwT phr quDu iDAweI ]
    grbu n kIjY ryx hovIjY qw giq jIAry qyrI ]
    sB aUpir nwnk kw Twkuru mY jyhI Gx cyrI rwm ]1]
    qum@ gauhr Aiq gihr gMBIrw qum ipr hm bhurIAw rwm ]
    qum vfy vfy vf aUcy hau ieqnIk lhurIAw rwm ]
    hau ikCu nwhI eyko qUhY Awpy Awip sujwnw ]
    AMimRq idRsit inmK pRB jIvw srb rMg rs mwnw ]
    crxh srnI dwsh dwsI min maulY qnu hrIAw ]
    nwnk Twkuru srb smwxw Awpn Bwvn krIAw ]2]
    quJu aUpir myrw hY mwxw qUhY myrw qwxw rwm ]
    suriq miq cqurweI qyrI qU jwxwieih jwxw rwm ]
    soeI jwxY soeI pCwxY jw kau ndir isrMdy ]
    mnmuiK BUlI bhuqI rwhI PwQI mwieAw PMdy ]
    Twkur BwxI sw guxvMqI iqn hI sB rMg mwxw ]
    nwnk kI Dr qUhY Twkur qU nwnk kw mwxw ]3]
    hau vwrI vM\w GolI vM\w qU prbqu myrw
    El@w rwm ]
    hau bil jweI lK lK lK brIAw ijin BRmu prdw
    Kol@w rwm ]
    imty AMDwry qjy ibkwry Twkur isau mnu mwnw ]
    pRB jI BwxI BeI inkwxI sPl jnmu prvwnw ]
    BeI AmolI Bwrw qolI mukiq jugiq dru
    Kol@w ]
    khu nwnk hau inrBau hoeI so pRBu myrw
    El@w ]4]1]4]

    Raag Soohee, Chhant, Fifth Mehl, Third House:
    One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
    O my Lord and Master, You are unattached; You have so many hand-maidens like me, Lord.
    You are the ocean, the source of jewels; I do not know Your value, Lord.
    I do not know Your value; You are the wisest of all; please show Mercy unto me, O Lord.
    Show Your Mercy, and bless me with such understanding, that I may meditate on You, twenty-four hours a day.
    O soul, don't be so arrogant - become the dust of all, and you shall be saved.
    Nanak's Lord is the Master of all; He has so many hand-maidens like me. ||1||
    Your depth is profound and utterly unfathomable; You are my Husband Lord, and I am Your bride.
    You are the greatest of the great, exalted and lofty on high; I am infinitesimally small.
    I am nothing; You are the One and only. You Yourself are All-knowing.
    With just a momentary Glance of Your Grace, God, I live; I enjoy all pleasures and delights.
    I seek the Sanctuary of Your Feet; I am the slave of Your slaves. My mind has blossomed forth, and my body is rejuvenated.
    O Nanak, the Lord and Master is contained amongst all; He does just as He pleases. ||2||
    I take pride in You; You are my only Strength, Lord.
    You are my understanding, intellect and knowledge. I know only what You cause me to know, Lord.
    He alone knows, and he alone understands, upon whom the Creator Lord bestows His Grace.
    The self-willed manmukh wanders along many paths, and is trapped in the net of Maya.
    She alone is virtuous, who is pleasing to her Lord and Master. She alone enjoys all the pleasures.
    You, O Lord, are Nanak's only support. You are Nanak's only pride. ||3||
    I am a sacrifice, devoted and dedicated to You; You are my sheltering mountain, Lord.
    I am a sacrifice, thousands, hundreds of thousands of times, to the Lord. He has torn away the veil of doubt;
    darkness has been eliminated, and I have renounced corruption and sin. My mind is reconciled with my Lord and Master.
    I have become pleasing to my Dear God, and I have become carefree. My life is fulfilled and approved.
    I have become invaluable, of tremendous weight and value. The Door, and the Path of liberation are open to me now.
    Says Nanak, I am fearless; God has become my Shelter and Shield. ||4||1||4||

    YouTube - Bhai Kamaljit Singh - Garb Na Kijay
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