Gandhi's Views On Guru Gobind Singh

I just happened to read somewhere that Gandhi once called Guru Gobind Singh a " misled prophet of india".

Now i dont think Mr Gandhi ever happened to do sudy of Guru Mahraj,If he would have he would never had uttered such rubbish with due respect to Gandhi.

Gandhi use to carry bhagvat geeta with him everytime.In the same bhagvat geeta Krishna asks Arjun to be a warrior and fights for the justice of the society,when on seeing his own brothers and family members in front of him Arjun gets carried away in emotions and refuses to fight and asks Krishna to show him the way.Krishna lays stress on Arjun to be dont be just a mere saint sitting doing meditation and Yoga but do karams for the welfare of the society.In the end Arjun fights for the justice against his own family members ,Gurus and brothers .

Guru Gobind Singh whole life is full of fights against injustice ,his great grandfather Guru Arjan Dev Mahraj gave up his life for the sake of humanity.At the age of just 9 years Guru Mahraj supports his father very with great energy and passion to stand up for the life of kasmiri pandits suffering from the injustice by the mughal rulers.
Later On Guru Gobind Singh Took sword into his hands for the welfare of the people and at the time when injustice was prevailing,he was not only a mer saint but a warrior who took it to fight injustice and sacrificing not only himself but all of his family for the sake of Humanity,including his four young sons two of them aged 9 and 7.
A warrior who never gave up till his last breath.A little study about the life of Guru Gobind Singh ,and i really mean only a little ,would have sufficed Mr Gandhi with due respect to Gandhi's stature and would have prevented him from speaking up those words.
Gandhi said that for Shivaji also but never for Britishers as he was very sympathetic towards them and even hitler whom he considered as his true friend.

Gandhi and Nehru were British Made Heros both from Congress party which was created by a Freemason A.Hume(of Rothschild dynasty) who is founder of this party. It was made to snatch the glory off real Freedom Fighters like Bhagat Singh,Sukhdev,Rajguru, Bose etc.

Let me show you the real ugly Pervert,Pedophile, Racist,Violent side that is kept under the carpet and never mentioned in books and media controlled by British party - Congress.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh!

arshdeep88 Ji, I really do not think we should worry/care, how Mr Gandhi viewed Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib Maraj, personally i don't think Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib Maraj would of cared how people would look at him. The fact is we know what Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib Maraj stood up for, from what i have also read is that Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib Maraj was not some who supports fighting to be the answer to life, however what are we supposed to do when Tyrants do not understand the message of love and peace, we have to show that if they want war, then they shall get what they want. That is why when all means of peace are of no use, then it is only lawful to raise arms.

So i say let Mr Gandhi Ji say what he wants. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib Maraj was enlightened, whiles Mr Gandhi Ji was looking for enlightenment.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh!
yes exactly my younger brother blazing sikh ji
its not that we are suppose to hate Mr gandhi or need his opinions about our Guru Mahraj,we very well know what Guru Ji are for us and for whole humanity
but a person who use to carry bhagwat geeta with him everytime when fails to understand such things marks a question on his understanding of bhagwat geeta too

About Guru Mahraj one poet Yogi Allha Yaar Khan describes as such

"Katwa diye sheesh shaam ne geeta ko suna kar,
Rooh phuk di gobind ne aulaad katakar"
Rape In Hindutva India Delhi Rape | Shining India - YouTube

You do understand, he was a follower of the ideology called Hinduvta?
6% of Indians (bramins, and banias) control something like 95% of the mid-upper economic positions (Idk how accurate that number is but over 75% I wouldn't be surprised).

I haven't read all of the posts, but he also said in the modern age the rusty sword of the sikhs is useless.

You're trying to interperet and understand a facist ideology with a normal outlook.

Two core values differ and these two are what fundamentally make up a society:

1. treatment of others: normal = the golden rule, facist = dualism, i.e one rule for them vs us.

Examples include: jim crow laws, caste system, sharia, etc.

2. How are new ideas exchanged: normal = critical thought, facist = submission.

I.e shut up or die.

Don't need examples.
So, therefore the fact is if Gandhi was alive I would say give him a chance to change; otherwise, when an enemy is staring you down the face :grinningkaur: bare teeth and :swordfight-kudiyan:.

There's no real choice, understanding facism will help you realize that.

Until the quom does, we will be divided; and remember not everyone will change, some cling to it despite anything, it maybe our own persuasive powers.

We are not the gurus who could make cannibals repent and become saints.

However, we are khalsa and bring tyrants to justice. (as should any human being; it is duty.)


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GSingh1984 ji

I am not going to agree or disagree with you on your last comment. But this I will say. You are a master of a strawman argument. To whom are you addressing your accusations? You assumed all of the points you make argument against? How is one supposed to respond in a rational way to what you are saying? First you make assumptions that someone (mystery poster) said something ignorant, and then you argue about what you say they were thinking (mystery thought). Try again.
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I just happened to read somewhere that Gandhi once called Guru Gobind Singh a " misled prophet of india".

Now i dont think Mr Gandhi ever happened to do sudy of Guru Mahraj,If he would have he would never had uttered such rubbish with due respect to Gandhi.

Really the op, but also anyone else who would have cried in defense of Gandhi. I'm used to being the one who decries the myths of everyday life, however it seems there's a million just like me here.

So, I should just :sippingcoffeemunda:listen.

There's good company here.


'm used to being the one who decries the myths of everyday life, however it seems there's a million just like me here.
First of all, Gandhi's venom spitting is not a myth, it is a well documented statement which appeared in Young India on 9th April 1925(Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Vol 31, Pg. 137, Article no. 81) in the form of an article titled 'My Friend, The Revolutionary',
Last of all, I shall ask you to answer these questions: Was Guru Govind Singh a misguided patriot because he believed in warfare for noble cause?
Therefore, to compare their activities with those of Guru Govind Singh or Washington or Garibaldi or Lenin would be most misleading and dangerous. But by test of the theory of non-violence, I do not hesitate to say that it is highly likely that had I lived as their contemporary and in the respective countries, I would have called everyone of them a misguided patriot, even though a successful and brave warrior.
Gandhi's arrogant rantings arn certainly not out of ignorance, by his own admission, they are instead well-engineered propaganda attacks against a particular religion. Just to mention, in the same article, he goes on to praise Hindu God Krishna and his ways.
I hope this proves beyond doubt that Gandhi was one big communal mastermind and not the rosy-eyed epitome of secularism his followers try to project him as.


I personally feel that there was very little role of Gandhi in the struggle for freedom. In other words moving freely wearing mere 'lungi / dhoti' could never had given us the freedom. It was shear efforts of Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Rajguru etc who sacrificed their lives at young age. What Gandhi did is nothing but misled the innocent masses. Lets not forget he received highest education in South Africa & was a lawyer & we know how lawyers can play with things.

Still it's disappointing that Gandhi is given so much credit for the freedom ... all's rubbish in my views.

Another thing is at the time India & few other countries got freedom from Britishers, may be it was because of the newly elected government of peasants in England that won elections for the first time so had sympathy towards the developing countries ...

As far as some ugly comments for Guruji are concerned there's an old saying *dogs keep barking but the elephants keep moving in royalty*

Thanks !


Still it's disappointing that Gandhi is given so much credit for the freedom ... all's rubbish in my views.
It is all a matter of propaganda. History textbook are filled with biased accounts; Gandhi is glorified through TV programmes, books, pamphlets, all a the expense of taxpayers' money etc...
The reality is not what it seems, it is much more than meets the eye.


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Gandhi also was known to go on hunger strikes whenever he did not get his way. A well documented hunger strike occurred during an argument with Ambedkar, architect of the Indian Constitution. Gandhi insisted there would be no one-man-one-vote because it would empower the Dalits. His extreme form of imposing his will won the day.
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" It is also a painful surprise that Mr.Gandhi should single out special representation for the Depressed Classes in the Communal Award as an excuse for his self- immolation...
I should have thought that a well-wisher of the Depressed Classes would have fought tooth and nail for securing to them as much political power as might be possible in the new Constitution. But the Mahatma’s ways of thinking are strange and are certainly beyond my comprehension...
This is not the first attempt on the part of the Mahatma to completely dish the Depressed Classes out of political existence..."

-Statement by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on Gandhi’s Fast, 19th September 1932