Sikh News Free Water For July 4th Parade Spectators By Sikhs

On July 4th, 2010 in Fremont, CA a group of Sikh volunteers came together, like they have done for past several years to hand to out free cold water bottles to those who are waiting for parade in hot summer sun.
This volunteer effort is one of its kind and probably not replicated anywhere with in the United States. While on any other parade or fair, we can see vendors selling water, it is only in Fremont, CA that we can see these volunteers walking up down the parade route, with carts full cold water. They will offer water to anyone who ask for it with smile.
They set up six tents along the parade route, where they filled up their carts, and then spread out to give the water. The banners on tents read "Sikhs: In selfless service to humanity". For several hours they worked tirelessly in sun, reaching out to every hand that came out asking for the water bottle.

Water bottles they handed out were custom made for July 4th. With United States flag as a watermark on the wrapper, it read "With best compliments from Sikh Community". It also had some basic information about Sikhs written on it.
Sikhs also participated in the Parade with a float of their own. Man on the float was proudly dressed in the turban that had stars and stripes in it. All along the parade route, float was cheered with a big applause and a shout out "Thank you Sikhs for Free Water".

Check Photographs-->Free Water for July 4th Parade spectators by Sikhs. - CNN iReport
Better still if they have small printed booklets also describing who Sikhs are and what are the fundamenta beliefs of Sikhism . But I have rarely seen anyone doing that as a result millions of dollars we spend in Sikh Parades are actually wasted IMHO . Why no one is bothering to tell others what Sikhism is is beyond my understanding .


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dalbirk ji

Many gurdwaras have little booklets just as you describe. I don't see them giving them out either. Your words strike a chord.